Camping tourism recorded another excellent season: over 21,5 million overnight stays

The 17th Congress of Croatian camping is being held in Vodice, which gathered more than 370 representatives of the camping sector at the Olympia Hotel in Vodice, organized by...


November 15, 2023

It is held in Vodice 17th Croatian Camping Congress which gathered more than 370 representatives of the camping sector at the Olympia Hotel in Vodice, in the organization Croatian Camping Union (KUH), where the results achieved by the camping sector were presented and the current and future challenges of Croatian camping were discussed.

Camping tourism records another excellent season. In the period from the beginning of the year until November 5, 2023. camps achieved almost 21,5 million overnight stays, which is an increase in the number of overnight stays compared to the record last year, and there is an increasing interest in camping in continental Croatia, which recorded a growth of 3,2%. 

These excellent numbers are the result of continuous investment in the camping sector, which was recognized by the guests as well, the KUH states, adding that the greatest growth in the number of overnight stays this year was achieved in arrivals from Hungary - 19% more tourists, from Poland 9 percent more tourists arrived, followed by guests from Switzerland i domestic guests with a growth of six percent each compared to 2022.

"Croatian camps are one of the highest quality in Europe thanks to intensive investments, and some of our camps are already open all year round thanks to adapted infrastructure. We are convinced that camping can be the leader of sustainable, year-round tourism, which is confirmed by this year's results and the growing interest of our guests in camping in continental counties as well.", said the director of the Camping Association of Croatia (KUH). Adriano Palman.

Adriano Palman, Director of the Croatian Large Camping Association
Director of the Camping Association of Croatia (KUH) Adriano Palman

"Camping is an increasingly strong segment of our tourist offer and it is necessary to ensure the continuity of investment in it his quality. And this year, a trend that was further strengthened in the pandemic years was confirmed in camping, namely that the best results are achieved by facilities in which continuous investment is made. Next year will be even more challenging than this year, as further economic challenges are expected in our most important broadcast markets, as well as aggressive competition from Mediterranean destinations. It will be all the more important for the guests to ensure adequate quality for the money, both through the quality of the facilities and through the service, for which we must provide a sufficient number and a sufficient quality workforce in time.", he said Veljko Ostojic, director of the Croatian Tourism Association and president of the Executive Board of the Croatian Tourism Association.

Awards were also given for the most innovative camps in Croatia.

That's right Jadranka turizam doo awarded for the concept of interactive online booking, a Istria Premium Camping Resort for the children's animation concept within the Histri Island Edutainment Park. Lanterna Premium Camping Resort was recognized for the innovative concept of the themed sanitary facility Parenzana, a Polidor Camping Resort for the concept of private heated pools with domes. Zaton Holiday Resort is the winner of the award for the multipurpose beach facility Ventula.

Photo: KUH


November 15, 2023