Camps record 67% increase in overnight stays

In 2018, from 1.1. to 11.4., a total of 19.097 arrivals and 73.209 overnight stays were realized in the camps, which represents an increase in arrivals by 25,8% and overnight stays by 67,3%, reports ...

In 2018, from 1.1. to 11.4., a total of 19.097 arrivals and 73.209 overnight stays were realized in the camps, which represents an increase of arrivals by 25,8% and overnight stays by 67,3%, according to the Croatian Camping Association (KUH), which covers over 90% of the Croatian camping offer.

By countries, the first are Germans (with + 71,7% of overnight stays), followed by Austrians (+ 27,1% of overnight stays) and Slovenes (-1% of overnight stays). In 4th place is Great Britain, and in 5th place is Italy. "We can slowly talk that it is moving towards the year-round operation of the camps, which are a full 12 months, which is the result of our work in the past ten years. The camps in the peak season can no longer grow much because they have been full for years, and our focus has just been on extending the season, which I achieve at nice rates from year to year.“Points out Adriano Palman from the Croatian Camping Association.

By the way, KUH is active throughout the year and they are continuously working on raising the general level of competitiveness of the Croatian camping sector. They are active at various fairs throughout Europe, hold seminars and trainings, do various market analyzes and research, and once a year organize the largest annual gathering of Croatian camping. Synergy, proactivity, investment in development and raising quality, education and monitoring of trends, targeted marketing - all the way and as it should be, and KUH is one of the few positive examples that work the way it should the result of many years of work that is now coming to fruition, and it is certainly not accidental.

From year to year, investments in camps are growing, and it is especially important that investments in raising quality, from building swimming pools, raising the quality of accommodation, infrastructure, investing in animation, etc. grow, so the focus is on quality and content, not just the sun. and the sea, Palman points out and adds: "As we can see from the arrivals and overnight stays in the first four months, we achieved excellent numbers, and the announcements for the rest of the season are very good. Many facilities are open for the whole season, more and more camps are opening in the continent as well as more and more small family camps, and in just a few days one such camp will open in Požega, camp Zlatni Lug, which is great news " Palman concludes.

Arena Pomer - the first camp in Croatia completely dedicated to glamping

Photo: Camp Pomer

Today, camping in Croatia is more popular and luxurious than ever, and more than 2 million people visit Croatian camps every year.

The stereotypical notion of camping has been supplanted thanks to modern, well-equipped and attractive campsites, with a lot of additional content. Thus, our camping offer boasts from large campsites to small family mini-camps as well as an offer with private apartments and mobile homes and glamping that is currently in trend.

The first camp in Croatia will be opened in Istria soon, which will be entirely dedicated to glamping. Camp Arena Pomer will be completely renovated from 16.06. when it officially opens its doors, it becomes the first Croatian camp completely dedicated to glamping. Accommodation units will be able to accommodate between two and six people, and will contain 196 luxury tents, which will be equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, free Wi-Fi, kitchen and bathroom. The camp will also have many additional facilities such as a wellness area with sauna, massages, rain room, relaxation areas, yoga area, outdoor fitness, restaurant and beach bars, playground with animation programs and many others.

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