Kvarner race 4 islands race licensed by Epic Serious IRONMAN group as LEGEND race. The real work is just beginning

Renowned mountain bike race 4 islands - MTB stage race, which is traditionally held on the Kvarner islands - Krk, Cres, Lošinj and Rab from next year will be ...
Photo: Dunja Dopsaj

The renowned mountain bike race 4 islands - MTB stage race, which is traditionally held on the Kvarner islands - Krk, Cres, Lošinj and Rab from next year will be licensed by the Epic Serious IRONMAN group as a LEGEND race, announced the Kvarner Tourist Board.

"We are pleased that thanks to the good organization of the race all these years, but also the support provided by the Kvarner Tourist Board from the very beginning, along with other tourist boards in which the race took place, such a prestigious license has found its place in Kvarner. Kvarner is certainly a destination for active holidays, because in its diversity it offers opportunities for cycling, hiking, trail running, walking, diving, swimming, sailing - which the organizers of large and prestigious events recognize. It is up to all of us to justify the trust, to prove ourselves once again as good organizers and hosts, and to invest the benefits that will result from the event in further development and in raising the quality of the destination, ” expires dr.sc. Irena Persic Zivadinov, Director of the Kvarner Tourist Board.

Ironman is one of the fastest growing sports licenses in the world, which automatically brings with it greater media visibility, but also greater interest of participants and thus the benefits of the destination. Ironman Group officially announced this information, and presented the Kvarner race "4 islands MTB" in the series along with the other 7 races, of which there are 8. Thus, Croatia and Kvarner will be alongside Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Wales, Andorra and South Africa.

The race will be held in the spring from 19 to 23 April on the Kvarner islands of Krk, Cres, Lošinj and Rab, and with the race itself, our four islands expect significant media attention through this well-known and recognized brand. On the example of the Swiss Epic race, Ironman Pokas shows that 592 hours of transmission were achieved in 68 countries, Facebook reached 650.000 and 775.000 views via the Youtube channel, and Instagram recorded 1,5 million impressions.

We share the pleasure that the world-famous mountain bike race "4 Islands MTB Stage Race" with a unique riding experience in just 4 days on 4 different Kvarner islands, next year, for the seventh time in a row will take place on the island of Krk, this time under the prestigious licensed by the Ironman brand. The Municipality of Baška, the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Baška and the economy have proven and confirmed in the past six years that they are excellent hosts of the first stage of the race, and will continue in 2022, with great support from all other municipalities and tourist boards of Krk., she pointed out mr.sc. Majda Šale director of the Tourist Board of the island of Krk, adding that Krk has been recognized as an interesting outdoor destination for many years.

They are also satisfied with the project on the islands of Lošinj and Cres, which are recognizable as destinations for active tourism and outdoor content. “Lošinj is known for its spa climate and attractive nature, so it is an ideal destination for many sporting events. It was a great honor for us to be part of the organization of the unique "4 island - MTB stage race race", and the Epic Serious IRONMAN license is another confirmation of the quality of this LEGEND race. Eagerly, and with a sporting spirit, we look forward to April 2022," he ordered after the announcement Dalibor Cvitković, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Mali Lošinj, and his colleague has a similar view Sanja Živanović, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Cres which also expresses satisfaction with the involvement in this great project, as well as colleagues from Rab who eagerly await April.

Promotion of Kvarner as an outdoor destination

According to the Ironman Group, the average television media value reaches almost 4 million dollars, and to this amount are added the values ​​of the media space of print media, online publications, Youtube channels, mailing lists and social networks - Instagram and Facebook. So, we come to the enviable values ​​obtained through the promotion of the race.

This is an opportunity that Kvarner must know how to use and turn media attention and global visibility into concrete results. The real work is just beginning, the logo itself means nothing if we do not know how to tell our story and keep interest in ourselves and our destination.

Extending the season on the islands is easiest through outdoor facilities, and such large and popular projects are a big flywheel that we need to know how to use in the best possible way to present our advantages. The opportunity is there, and time is short, and the Kvarner tourist stakeholders are facing a big test that has just begun with the inclusion of the 4 Islands race by the Epic serious Ironman group in the Legend race.

Now we need to justify the trust, and make good use of the millions of dollars of media space that is opening up. Spring could be a real wake-up call for Kvarner for active tourism and outdoor activities out of season.

Cover photo: Dunja Dopsaj

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