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Liverpool deleted from the UNESCO World Heritage List

Liverpool is no longer on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The decision was made by the World Heritage Committee, which by secret ballot removed "Liverpool - a maritime and trading city" with ...

Liverpool is no longer on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The World Heritage Committee decided so, which it removed by secret ballot “Liverpool - a maritime and trading city” from a list of more than 1100 locations worldwide. The United Nations World Heritage for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) sites are important for cultural or natural heritage, and the list also includes ten sites in Croatia.

Liverpool lost their place in the chosen society "due to the irreversible loss of the attributes that convey the extraordinary universal value of the good." It was included in the 2004 list, and since 2012 it has been transferred to the World Heritage List in danger, due to the proposed changes in the protected zone. It was a $ 7 billion plan to regenerate its historic waterfront, which caused the city to be removed from the list. The project also includes the construction of luxury apartments and the new stadium of the Everton Football Club, the construction of which should begin in a few days, which has caused concern and a "serious deterioration" of the historic site.

Liverpool’s historic center and docks were inscribed as witnesses to the development of one of the world’s major shopping malls in the 18th and 19th centuries. The location also illustrated the pioneering development of modern dock technology, transportation systems and port management.

After the Elbe Valley in Dresden in Germany and the Arab shrine of Oryx in Oman, Liverpool is the third site to lose its World Heritage status. In Europe, there are currently two more sites on the World Heritage List in danger: the historic center of Vienna and medieval monuments in Kosovo.

Liverpool Mayor Joanne Anderson said she was disappointed and worried, and found it incomprehensible that UNESCO would prefer Bramley Moore Dock to be neglected, rather than making a positive contribution to the city's future and the future of its residents.

The session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee is held online and lasts until July 31. Numerous issues related to this and last year will be on the agenda, when the annual meeting was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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