Mali Lošinj is again among the TOP 100 sustainable destinations in the world

Leading sustainability experts in government, business and academia, more than 250 of them from 43 countries around the world, gathered on September 27, 2022...

Author  Goran Rihelj

28. September 2022.

Leading sustainability experts in government, business and academic circles, more than 250 of them from 43 countries around the world, on September 27, 2022, gathered in Athens on the occasion of the eighth edition of the international conference of the Global Green Destinations Days.

 Lošinj secured its place on the list of sustainable destinations again this year!

Lošinj has been participating in the "100 Best Sustainable Destinations" competition since 2016. This 'silver' Green Destinations silver status recognition is a significant step forward in efforts to achieve, prove and independently verify and confirm full compliance and thereby enable the award of a certificate for successful sustainable management in accordance with international standards defined by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).  

"Green Destinations Award" is a program of certification of tourist destinations based on the assessment of compliance with criteria related to environmental preservation, social and economic situation and cultural aspects, with the aim of promoting sustainable tourist destinations at the international level.

In the process of destination certification  was carried out desk audit after which  is the total result generated from the grades obtained in the areas; Destination Management, Nature and Landscape, Environment and Climate, Culture and Tradition, Quality of Life, Business and Communication, and the highest score went to the area of ​​Culture and Tradition. The audit was conducted in two phases; consideration of all attached documentation (implemented projects, surveys, analyses, contracts, statistics, promotional materials that prove sustainable business, etc.), while in the second phase, all activities undertaken by the destination related to the particular observed area are explained in detail.

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Along with recognition, each destination also receives recommendations for improvement in the future. For example, it is advisable to focus more attention on the assessment the impact of tourism and industrial workshops, training and awareness-raising activities.

This recognition acknowledges the efforts that the destination makes in order to maintain its "attractiveness" and sustainability in terms of tourism in the future. The assessment does not only take into account visible aspects, such as natural heritage, but also considers the extent to which the principles of sustainable development are represented and respected in the relevant policies and plans. 

"Lošinj truly sails in the direction of sustainability, and we are extremely glad that it is on the list of sustainable destinations this year as well. With years of measuring and comparing the obtained data, we detect strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities, all with the aim of creating and maintaining a destination's sustainability strategy. All this would not be possible without cooperation with residents and visitors. Together we come up with solutions on how to develop, but at the same time preserve the quality of the destination, said the director of the Tourist Board of the City of Mali Lošinj Dalibor Cvitkovic.

Also, Lošinj secured its place among the TOP 100 green destinations in the world with good measurement results sustainable story- em, that is, a true story about sustainable and responsible tourism. It is about a project Via Apsyrtides- to the system of pedestrian bypasses that connect and present the natural and cultural attractions of the islands, at the center of which is a 150 km long transversal path that stretches from the northernmost point of the island of Cres to the southernmost point of the island of Ilovik.

/ / / Synergy: The mountain transversal Via Apsyrtides is a new tourist product of Lošinj and Cres

/ / / Via Apsyrtides “revived” and brought together the best European trail runners

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This first global "competition" in sustainable destinations, along with a platform for green destinations for sustainability and quality assessment, monitoring, reporting and certification, is today the largest program in the world that recognizes and promotes the sustainability of destinations and the largest awards program of ITB Berlin, the world's leading travel trade fair .

The program seeks to encourage destinations to promote responsible destination management in order to encourage the entire tourism sector to adopt and apply best practices in the field of environmental protection. Program participants participate in a system for sustainable management, which includes independent verification of performance and progress every 2 years and recommendations for improvements.

Let's recall that this leading global conference dedicated to the sustainable management of destinations was also held in Mali Lošinj in 2019, when, in addition to 30 presentations and panel discussions with more than 60 leading world experts on the topic of "Green solutions for tourist destinations", the Top 100 sustainable destinations in the world were presented for the year 2019.

At the "sustainable" conference, in which a series of workshops, excursions, sessions and panel discussions were organized, the best in terms of sustainability gathered, and the conference participants got to know the island of Lošinj and enjoyed their free time trying out the numerous activities that the island of vitality offers.

And that the whole story is not just good PR, the last story from Mali Lošinj also tells, where they made a great "statement" as an eco-friendly destination with jugs of drinking water from Lake Vrana. More in the attachment.

/ / / Jugs with drinking water in Mali Lošinj as an excellent "statement" of an eco-friendly destination

Photo: TZ Mali Lošinj



Author  Goran Rihelj

28. September 2022.