Brand Forum 2024 program published: Everyone aspires to become and be a brand. From states to the tourism sector.

Everyone aspires to become and be a brand. Likewise in tourism.


10. June 2024.

The program and speakers of the Brand Forum 2024 have been published: Brands are part of the strategy and way of doing business


Six main speakers and introducers, six brand stories, 28 interlocutors through four panels

Under the motto EVERYTHING IS A BRAND. OR IT WANTS TO BE! will be held in Zagreb on June 21 BRAND FORUM 2024, a unique conference that will gather in one place company owners, presidents and board members, company directors and numerous foreign and domestic experts, who will talk about brands and branding from the position of those whom they decide to talk about, share their thoughts on the role and development of the brand/ brands and their business strategies.  

How to measure the value of a brand and how much is its intangible part (good will) worth? What is symbolic and what is real value? Building a brand or doing a brand? How to fight with global brands? How to brand a country, city, place, what is the role of sport or culture? How do new brands arise, disappear and how long do they last? Have we created new brands in the last 20 years or are we positioning old ones? Are franchising and licensing good for new development life and brand leap? How does the start-up revolution open up spaces for faster recognition?  Which new brands and systems have positioned themselves strongly lately? What are your experiences from abroad? 

These are all questions to which he will offer answers BRAND FORUM 2024, powered by Provectus Capital Partners, which will be held in the Academia Hotel in Zagreb. 

Six main speakers and introducers, six brand stories, 28 interlocutors through four panels, is the content of the all-day Forum, which will bring together Croatians and experts from the USA, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. 

He is coming to the Forum as a key note speaker and Kimberly Kociencki, President of the Society of Product Licensors Committed to Excellence (SPLiCE), one of the world's largest product licensing associations, a kind of think-tank with best practices for brand licensors. Gathered more than 500 global brands in 50 industrial sectors annually generate more than half of all global retail revenues from licensing (membership includes P&G, Ferrero, Michelin, Coca-Cola, Danone, Philips, Kodak, Mondelez, McDonalds, Under Armour, Unilever , Amazon, Zippo, Monster.. etc). 

Brand Forum 2024

Representatives and members of SPLICE, headed by Kocienski, will hold on Thursday the 20.6 poseban Master Workshop, a workshop to familiarize all interested parties with the rules, procedures, possibilities and details of how to license, receive and carry a license and use the synergy of brands. Workshop, Licensing&Franshizing – similarities and differences and possibilities of brand development, includes another Forum keynote speaker, Alisdair Gray, Executive Director of the European Franchise Federation (EFF), as well as the president of the Croatian Association for Franchise Business, Ljiljana Kukec.

The new brand strategy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands will also be presented at the Forum, From Holland to Nederlands, with which the participants will be introduced Ivar Scheers, Deputy Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Croatia.

Igor Čičak, President of the Management Board of Provectus Capital Partners, investment companies focused on investing in Southeastern Europe will present concrete examples of consolidation through four groups, i.e.  strategy, reasons and decisions based on which companies and brands that are already well established on the market remain active within the groups. Further steps in investments will also be discussed.  

It will be especially interesting to hear Minja Šmitran, Chief Operating Officer of The Bridge company from Saudi Arabia, with the primary interest in purchasing premium products for import and distribution in the Kingdom  Saudi Arabia, as well as how Bosnia and Herzegovina wants to change its perception and what it is doing for the country's branding, what it will talk about Dino Selimović, advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The exceptional attention of the Forum is focused on new insights, knowledge and education. There we will be able to find out everything about the role of NeuroBranding, especially how to strategically connect the brand with consumers, with which the participants will be introduced Ph.D. Hedda Martina Šola, director of the Institute for Neuromarketing and Intellectual Property. They will give answers to the question of what kind of customer the future will be and how much they will look at brands Kristijan Gregorić, partner in Valicon and executive director of the Adria region, and representatives of Ispos Adria they will present their observations and research about brands in and around us. 

And while everyone present will Ph.D.Sc. Božo Skoko, professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, expert in brand communication introduce into the new world of strategic positioning of states and through soft power, Ph.D.Sc. Tihomir Vranešević, professor from the Faculty of Economics, brand expert, will explain why the brand also means an unwritten contract with the consumer. They will also loudly ask why, if brands, brand and branding are already a strategic discipline, there are no people in the management who cover this large area. 

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"Brands are built, created, have their ups and downs, and even disappear. Brands become synonymous with quality and work. Everyone strives to become, to be a brand. And to last. But there is a link in all of this - a decision. These decisions are not declarative , they are substantive, business-oriented and set as a strategy and way of doing business. They do not contain the two most common 2N mistakes - impatience and fickleness.  when priorities and communication methods change too often, without the market showing the need for it. We will look at brands and the ways of their life and existence through all prisms and angles, especially when we look at the historical period that has passed from the brand as a mark on cattle to today's omnipresent and omnipotent brand. expires director of Brand Forum 2024, Darko Buković, founder and editor-in-chief at the same time the first business radio PoslovniFM, which celebrates five years of successful work with the Forum.

On the very first day of summer 2019, PoslovniFM started its media journey. 

At the Forum, it will be possible to find out about the brands that are around us. On one place. And some things we certainly didn't know. They have confirmed their participation at the Brand Forum, so they will participate in a total of four panels i Gordan Kolak, President of the Management Board of KONČAR, Vladislav Veselica, member of the Janaf Management Board, Zlatko Mateša, president of the Croatian Olympic Committee, Jasmin Bajić, President of the Management Board of Croatia Airlines, Sanel Volarić, President of the Management Board of Groupama Osiguranje, Krešimir Dobrilović, owner and president of the Management Board of Carwiz rent a car, Sergio Serdarušić, President of the Management Board of Euroville, a real estate agency, Mina Tadic, director at Delta Holding (Serbia), Peter Frankl, director and editor-in-chief of the Slovenian business media system Finance, Tomislav Anatolian, co-owner of the Old Pilots Gin brand, Krešimir Macan, communication expert, owner of the Manjgura agency, Boris Vukić, initiator of the Club 2040 of family companies, Diana Kobas Desković, president of Management Inc., founder of Mamforce, Sandy Chiavalon, producer of the world award-winning Chiavalon Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil... We will be joined on the panel by representatives of the two largest business groups in this area Fortenova Grupa and AS Holding from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Inspirational conversations will provide all participants with new insights, knowledge, views, values ​​and trends, new business and investment opportunities, and strong and effective business networking. The organizers reserve the right to some more surprises in the program and at the Forum!

The first ones will also be awarded at the Forum Brand Leader Award awards, based on numerous grounds and the assessment of the expert jury, headed by Ph.D. Tihomir Vranešević. 

Registration fees for participation in the Brand Forum, which includes the right to participate in the Master Workshop, are sold exclusively through the system Entrio, and provide discounts from a number of brand partners. 

All details will be published on the project's special page, as well as on all channels and in the program of the first business radio PoslovniFM and through the announcement system Economic and information agency GIA. 



10. June 2024.