Census 2021: Only 3.89 million people live in Croatia

Fewer residents, fewer households, and more apartments.

Author  HrTurizam.hr

January 14, 2022


According to the provisional results of the 2020 census, only 3.89 million people live in Croatia, or 9,25% less than according to the last census from 2011. 

Thus, Croatia has lost 10 inhabitants in the past 396.360 years. Figuratively speaking, it is as if we have suddenly lost the entire population of Split and Rijeka. Let us remind you that, according to the 2011 Census, there were 4.284.889 inhabitants in Croatia.

The largest number of population declines is recorded Vukovar-Srijem i Sisak-Moslavina County, while the smallest decrease was realized in City of Zagreb, Dubrovnik-Neretva i Zadar County



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Apart from the population, the number of households is also declining, but on the other hand, interestingly, the number is growing housing units, primarily in coastal counties, which we could attribute to engaging in tourism or real estate owned by foreign nationals.

As Nedo Pinezić commented on his FB profile, Croatia will turn into "Florida", a summer residence for foreign pensioners. Fewer inhabitants, fewer households, and more flats ... When we add the fact that every third real estate buyer is a foreigner, we can conclude that Croatia is on its way to becoming a weekend country. 

2021 Census / Download Excel file the first results of the 2021 Census, in which the table sorts the number of inhabitants by counties and cities.

Photo: CBS

Author  HrTurizam.hr

January 14, 2022