German ADAC camp guide for 2017 presented

The significance of the ADAC camping guide for the German-speaking area (where it is often called the "bible for campers") is extremely great, and the guide for 2017 is traditionally (just) presented at the ADAC ...

The importance of the ADAC camping guide for the German-speaking area (often referred to as the “biker for campers”) is extremely high, and the 2017 guide was traditionally (just) presented at the ADAC gala reception on the occasion of the opening of the most important camping fair in Germany and that part of Europe, CMT in Stuttgart (14 to 22.1.2017 January XNUMX).

As Germans are our traditional most numerous guests in camps, with 33% of overnight stays, it is understandable that the publication of this guide (and its ratings of campsites) is very important for the Croatian camping sector. "The significance grows even more if we look at the broader context of the 'German-speaking area', and include Austria and Switzerland, so that the percentage of overnight stays rises to as much as 44%, and the largest number of these guests make their decision on vacation precisely on the basis of ratings and descriptions of camps from the ADAC guide.“Pointed out Adriano Palman, director of the Croatian Camping Association (KUH).

The ADAC campsite guide, in addition to being of general importance to the German-speaking area, is also very important in that it uses a special campsite rating system that is generally accepted as the most important European campsite quality rating system. "It should be emphasized that in 2016, precisely according to the analysis of ratings from the guide, Croatian campsites were in an extremely high second place in Europe in terms of quality (and only Dutch campsites are ahead of us). " Palman points out.



The prestigious ADAC Super (platz) 2017 label, the German award for the best European camps, was confirmed this year by 7 Croatian camps: camp Zaton (Zadar), camp Krk (Krk), camp Valalta (Rovinj), camp Lanterna (Porec-Tar), camp Park Umag (Umag-Brtonigla) and Scary (island of Pag) - a for the first time, the Rovinj camp Val Saline received recognition. 

The guide also uses special markings in marking the quality of campsites, and as many as 9 campsites are marked with a symbol indicating a significant increase in the quality of content and offer compared to the previous year, 5 campsites in Istria and 3 campsites in Kvarner. Of the other special labels, 6 campsites are marked as "Camps with a comprehensive wellness offer". It is also very interesting that 65 of the 119 campsites presented were marked as "campsites in an (above-average) beautiful camp location". "On the other hand, unfortunately, despite the fact that more and more camps in the Republic of Croatia are open all year round, there is still no camp that is marked as a "camp with a special offer for year-round guests.. ”Palman concludes

According to the ADAC, the average quality rating of Croatian campsites increased by 2,3% compared to last year and amounts to 3,6 (out of a possible 5). Looking at the regions, the regions with the highest quality camps (above the Croatian average) remain Istria and Kvarner, followed by Zadar. Camps on the continent, according to the ADAC, are on average of better quality than camps in Split, Šibenik and Dubrovnik. However, Dubrovnik stands out here, where the quality of campsites increased by 2,3% compared to last year.

Camp ratings by regions - ADAC 2017
According to certain elements of evaluation (which in fact represent the categories that make up the quality of the camp), at the level of the Republic of Croatia the largest increase in the quality of the bathing offer is the pool (+ 23%) and the quality of leisure content offer (+ 7,3%). It is significant that no element of quality, at the national level, is declining compared to last year.

Ratings by region

Grades by categories

The highest quality camps in Croatia

31 campsites that are marked with 4,5 or more stars according to ADAC, which therefore represent the very top quality in the camping offer of our country:

Camps above 4,5

Croatia has 640 campsites, of which 187 medium-sized campsites and 453 smaller family campsites in households, rural households and rest campsites. The total accommodation capacity of our campsites is 242.271 people - while the average Croatian camp can accommodate 379 people (the average medium-sized camp can accommodate 1.191 people, and the average small camp 43 people).

Istria has the highest camping capacity in campsites, 49% of the total camping capacity in the Republic of Croatia, followed by the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County with 18%. Dalmatia has a total of 28% of the capacity of Croatian camps, most of which is Zadar (13%). The strongest continental county in terms of the number of camps is Karlovac, with its 8 camps.

About one third of the capacity of our camps is of the highest quality and is in the category of at least 4 *, while recently Croatia has its first camp with 5 *, Camp Krk on the island of Krk. Last 2016 was very successful for Croatian camps, with 17,35 million overnight stays (+ 2%).

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