Pula: More than 5 million euros have been earmarked for the renovation of the Stoja Bathing Complex

The operations are numerous, the amounts are large, and the works are planned for the next five years.

Author  HrTurizam.hr

February 8, 2024.

The Stoja bathing complex in Pula is an indispensable part of the city's identity. It is one of the most successful architectural achievements of Italian interwar modern architecture preserved in Croatia and registered in the Register of Cultural Properties of the Republic of Croatia. 

Due to the ravages of time and the proximity of the sea, this extremely valuable architectural work is now located in a very in a state of emergency, therefore, its complete renovation and return to its original function of a superbly equipped swimming pool with numerous accompanying facilities is planned.

Considering the strict conditions of renovation and the demandingness of the prescribed documentation, which entail high costs, finding an acceptable model of renovation has been identified as one of the most important challenges of the city administration, communicated are from the city of Pula.  

In addition to preserving the natural environment, preventing further devastation and decay of existing buildings, and improving existing greenery, the goal of the project is through development quality tourist offers - based on cultural heritage - create opportunities for economic development of the local community.  

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Numerous interventions

Amendments to the Maritime Property Management Plan from 2024 to 2028 foresee an item of 30.000 euros for the removal of illegal anchor blocks, chains, ropes and buoys for mooring ships.

This will bring the total amount planned for maintenance and construction on the maritime property in the next five-year period to total 5,17 million euros

The mentioned document was adopted at the previous session of the City Council. It is planned to invest EUR 5,14 million in the maritime domain in five years, and the largest part of this amount, even two million, will be directed to renovation of the Stoja swimming pool

For the reconstruction and extension of the eastern shore of the swimming pool Dirty EUR 385.000 is foreseen, and it is a question of reconstruction and extension planned within a five-year period.

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The sum of 1,5 million euros will be invested in the restoration of the collapsed coastal sunbathing area and the construction of a composite breakwater at the bathing area. Sailor. This operation is not planned for this year either.

Promenade, playground, ramp...

For the construction of the coastal promenade, the Plan envisages an investment of 240.000 euros. Two rest areas are planned inside the promenade, where urban equipment will be installed and which will be horticulturally arranged with indigenous plants.

The plan also envisages the arrangement of the coastal strip below Camp Brioni on Puntižela, in which it is planned to invest 150.000 euros.

The construction of a children's playground and a dog playground at the Hidrobaza swimming pool is also planned, in which 230.000 euros will be invested.

It is planned to spend 55.000 euros on prefabricated canopies and modular sanitary facilities on the beaches, while the removal of buildings and other independent infrastructure facilities will cost 200.000 euros.

Reconstruction ramps for disabled people and those with reduced mobility, on the west coast of the Valkane bathing area will also cost 200.000, and the restoration of the pier on the island veruda 180.000 euros. 

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Photo: City of Pula

Author  HrTurizam.hr

February 8, 2024.