Run Croatia in Croatia launched the initiative - DaddyHood Dadathlon

Run Croatia has decided to support one fantastic initiative - Daddyhood Dadathlon. It is a global project that Run Croatia promotes in Croatia, and encourages fathers to ...

Run Croatia has decided to support one fantastic initiative - Daddyhood Dadathlon.

It is a global project that Run Croatia promotes in Croatia, and encourages fathers to become even closer to their children through the activity.

Dadathlon is a unique event exclusively for fathers and children consisting of three races in which dads and children will participate together in running, cycling and hiking. The main goal of the event is to contribute to strengthening the relationship and shared memories between dads and children, while at the same time encouraging people to spend time outdoors and exercise, which is crucial for their health in this pandemic period.

The Dadathlon competition is held almost all over Europe at different times of the year (running in April, cycling in June and hiking in September), and the results are recorded on an online platform. The goal is to create international connections and a community among fathers that will survive the event itself and continue to provide a support network to active and present fathers.

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The Dadathlon RUN is the first event in a series starting today (April 17), followed by BIKE in June and ending with the HIKE event in September. Unfortunately, this year's edition is held virtually, but I certainly hope that the whole initiative will grow into an integral part of the Run Croatia project, which will be held throughout the year, not just once a year.

Especially when we talk about family tourism and the fact that there are over 50 million runners in Europe alone, and the number of runners is growing day by day.

I have been following the Run Croatia project since day one and there is certainly a lot more to be done than just organizing the races. It is a whole run platform or Eco system that is in my opinion among the best in the world, if not the best platform for runners and the development of tourist destinations in this segment.

Through the positive energy of running, the Run Croatia platform combines gastronomy, culture, entertainment, ie the promotion of the Croatian tourist product, and from day one looks at the bigger picture in the context of organizing content for their families in addition to runners. This completes the whole story through a much better motive for the tourist's arrival because the whole family is coming, not just the runner. That is why the DaddyHood Dadathlon concept is a great complement to the Run Croatia platform.

Otherwise, the platform includes Run friendly hotels, health clinics, travel agencies, restaurants, educational institutions, companies that encourage active living of its employees, connects family farms that have gluten free and organic food producers to banking through eWallet or cashless payment through blockchain 2.0 loyalty program.

Also, soon Big Bear Plitvice Nature Resort will become the first Run Croatia camp, which will be open for 365 days for team building with a focus on fitness training and other outdoor activities in Lika.

Find out more about the Run Croatia platform in the attachment.


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