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On 01.12. Six years ago, a crazy adventure called tourist news portal started, which you are on and which has been awarded many times today ...

Author  Goran Rihelj

January 1, 2022

On 01.12. Six years ago, a crazy adventure called tourist news portal began, which you are on and which is today a multi-award winning and leading tourist b2b portal in Croatia and the region. 

We have been through a lot together in these six years, and without your support I certainly would not have lasted from the first day until today. And this year has been more than intense, unpredictable, exhausting, turbulent and full of adjustment… and still is. But no matter what, I am still proud that the portal has fulfilled and continues to fulfill its mission. After almost two years of "stagnation" due to the pandemic, at least when it comes to the day-to-day development of the platform, it is time for a new step forward and day-to-day development of the entire platform.

Let us move forward boldly together, because only in this way can we develop as individuals and as a profession. And that is why I invite you to continue to build a good and quality tourist story together. 

Subscribe to the content of the portal and support quality, not form

I sincerely hope that the portal has justified your trust all these six years and that it will continue to have it, especially in the new 2022, when the recovery of the tourism sector is just beginning. 

The values ​​of the portal are best shared by others, ie you, our readers, and you will also show this best if you support the HrTurizam portal in new challenges.

Plans for 2022 are as follows. 

  1. Focus on even better quality content. Content and content only.
  2. Subscription 
  3. Self-sustainability and further development 
  4. To be among the top 3 B2B tourist portals in the world in terms of quality of content 

We cannot and do not want to fight with the model of measuring success by clicks and total reach, which is not the business model of b2b niche portals. Niche or b2b portals have a specific target group to which they address, and in the very DNA of niche portals it is not to fight reach. Also, niche portals began to be locked before the pandemic, because simply producing quality content costs and has its value. Behind each author's article are years and years of experience and learning, as well as hours and hours spent on research, education and production to give a broader context to a story. That is the value we deliver. 

As of January 01, the portal is locked and we have switched to the subscription model, like all professional global portals in the b2b sector.

In order for niche media to be self-sustaining, the same trend of locking continued during the pandemic and will continue in the future, both on the global and domestic media scene.

So we on the portal decided to change the business model and the entire content is available only to content subscribers. 

You can subscribe to the content at annual level for the amount of HRK 1.125 (+ VAT 13%) per user which is 94 kuna per month (+ VAT 13%). Personally, I think that the portal already has that value, especially when we increase the quality of content. The last six years of our existence are the only and best reference. 

Unfortunately, the current business model is unsustainable in the long run and there is no room for day-to-day growth and development. And we don't want to compromise on content quality, we haven't so far, so we won't in the future. Everyone wants quality and independent media, right? Quality and value come at a price, both in the case of your service or product, and in the media world.

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Quality information and knowledge has always been an investment, not a cost

I sincerely hope that you will invest in the subscription to the portal and stay up to date with everyone relevant tourist information from Croatia and the world.

We'll go for it subscription value continue to deliver quality tourist information, stories and loud reflections through the minimum 1728 articles per year.

An important step towards the development of the platform 

Content subscription will allow us to expand and strengthen the team with new employment, because our the focus remains only on quality content with much more analysis, interviews and stories. Also, in 2022 we will additionally globalize content with articles and loud reflections from colleagues from the tourism sector from around the world. 

All of the above are important steps towards the goal of the portal being among the top 3 b2b travel news portals in the world by quality of content. Of course, the focus will still be on Croatia, but with a global narrative and up-to-date content at the global level.

Also, we will present soon new portal layout who will experience the biggest change in the background, ie in the technical sense. The new design of the portal is arranged from start to finish, so that the portal is technically stable and much faster, which will result in a better reading experience. 

Thank you all for your support, criticism, comments, suggestions and cooperation over these six years. I hope to read to you in 2022 as well. 

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Goran Rihelj, owner and editor-in-chief of the portal

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Author  Goran Rihelj

January 1, 2022