World Camping Festival: Zaton Holiday Resort delighted the International Camping Federation and foreign guests


4. July 2023.

The FICC World Camping Festival, hosted this year by Zaton Holiday Resort, officially ended on Saturday. On this occasion, more than 700 camping enthusiasts from Europe and the world gathered in one of the most famous Croatian camping resorts, who in the past 8 days had the opportunity to enjoy the rich program of the festival and the hospitality of the hosts. 

During their stay at the Zaton Holiday Resort, the guests got to know the natural beauty of the favorite camping destination, but also the excellent service and offer of the Resort as well as the entire Zadar County. 

"The aim of the FICC World Camping Festival is to promote 'open air tourism'. In today's 'closed' times, outdoor activities, especially camping, caravanning and motor caravanning, show that this incredible type of tourism is one of the best ways to travel and meet people from all over world", he said João Alves Pereira, president of the International Camping and Caravanning Federation. 

As part of the festival, he added, they had the opportunity to celebrate World Camping Day for the first time on June 29, whose official announcement was confirmed by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). 

"Apart from them, this celebration was attended by many FICC members, and together we celebrated the 90th anniversary of our organization. All events took place in the first Croatian Super Camp - Zaton Holiday Resort in Zadar, near the historic town of Nin, and the energy , the passion and professionalism of the organizers before and during the event show why thousands of guests choose this fantastic Resort every year. I can happily conclude that all the set goals of the festival were exceeded", said Pereira.

An important recognition for Croatian camping tourism

That the Croatian resort will be the host and organizer of the new edition of the Festival and the proclamation of the first World Camping Day was decided last year at the world congress of the Federation Internationale de Camping et Caravanning (FICC) in Paris, where representatives of Zaton Holiday Resort were also present, who met the participants on that occasion with a rich offer of resorts and the Zadar region.

"The hosting and organization of the FICC World Camping Festival represents a very important recognition both for our Resort and for Croatian (camping) tourism in general. We are particularly proud of the fact that the first World Camping Day was declared at Zaton Holiday Resort, which we hope will , grow into a tradition", He said Marinko Marinović from Turisthotel. 

He concluded that events like this festival and the trust shown by FICC are an additional incentive to continue continuous work on further improvement of camping products. "which has long been recognized on the most important broadcasting markets" which is confirmed by the excellent results in the previous part of the season. 

Photo: Turisthotel


4. July 2023.