TouchMenu came to the Croatian market. In addition to digitization, the goal is to get returning guests

Todor Bobev, TouchMenu


3. April 2023.

Croatian tourism is more and more interesting to foreign companies, which announce their entry into Croatia, and some have been present for a long time. This is a good signal that the tourism sector has recovered. 

Even before the pandemic, I often had inquiries and advice on how to enter our market, especially from various IT companies that have software targeted at the tourism sector. 

Of course, when we look from the outside, our tourism has over 20 million arrivals, over 100 + overnight stays, great seasonality as well as tourist consumption, a large number of accommodation capacities, catering establishments as well as related entrepreneurs, we are an ideal tourist market. 

Recently, as part of the PLACE2GO tourist fair, a Bulgarian company officially launched its entry into our market with its digital solution - TouchMenu.

It was the first presentation on our market through an exhibition at a B2B fair, and as I was the moderator of the panel on the application of artificial intelligence in tourism, I had the opportunity to think aloud on stage with Todor Bobev, CEO of TouchMenu who gave a concrete example of how they integrated AI into their product. 

After the panel, in conversation with Todor Bobev we talked about digitization, artificial intelligence, motives for entering our market, and of course about their product that digitizes business processes for the HoReCa channel. 

So let's start in order. TouchMenu is a pioneer in digital hospitality ecosystems. The flagship of the company is Virtual Concierge - a comprehensive online platform that attracts hotel guests with a set of services, accessible from any mobile phone or tablet by scanning a QR code.

Or more simply, it is a digital All-in-One system, through which guests enter the hotel's digital software ecosystem by scanning a QR code. Which is the holy grail of digitization, for a guest to enter your "channel" of direct communication.

Photo: Todor Bobev, CEO of TouchMenu

Then, through the web "application", the guest can communicate directly with the hotel team, ordering services and products, can pay or put the consumption on the room account, check the availability of free appointments for massages and all other hotel services, book additional services - from excursions to tourist guides ... to summarize - we can set whatever we want through the system, it's just a question of the width of the offer and how many options we want and can offer to guests. 

Todor Bobev, TouchMenu: In addition to digitizing the business, the goal is to turn guests into regular guests

TouchMenu is a digital All-in-One system for the HoReCa channel. Basically, guests can scan a QR code and enter the digital ecosystem. Then they communicate with the hotel team, order, pay or check availability, book additional services and have all the offers.

As Todor Bobev points out, their system is customizable in design for each client, while the interface is very easy for the user and adds: "TouchMenu's web-based platform is a really powerful package that connects hotels and resorts with all their on-site restaurants, meetings and entertainment, engaging hotel guests with a full suite of services, that's why we call it Virtual Concierge."

What I think is a good move is that it is a web platform, and not another application that guests have to download to their mobile phones. We know that our mobile phones are full of photos and videos from our travels, we have a lot of applications installed and the issue of space on the mobile phone is very important. 

“In our experience, guests prefer not to download any apps or register at every hotel they stay at. One of the great advantages of TouchMenu is that all services are available from any mobile phone or tablet with just one scan of the QR code.”

This is your first official appearance on the Croatian market. How do you see Croatia as a potential market and what are your plans? 

"More than 150 hotels around the world are already part of the TouchMenu portfolio, as guests in more than 10.000 hotel rooms have access to the service. Croatia is a leading destination and hoteliers are actively looking for solutions to improve the overall experience of their guests and increase sales, and we are ready to offer them exactly that. With all the benefits, Virtual Concierge is a sustainable solution that challenges modern hoteliers to drastically reduce the carbon footprint and printed paper from their hotels and spaces.” Bobev pointed out.

Digitization of the tourism sector

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It is a product for the HoReCa sector (hotels, restaurants and cafes) that can improve their business through digitalization, but direct communication with guests also plays a key role here.

“Hoteliers can increase their revenue in all on-site locations using AI-powered direct ordering features, check availability and book a variety of additional services such as spa massages, restaurant tables, excursions and travel. On the other hand, the combination of personalized communication, superior service and quality product is the key to turning guests into repeat customers. The TouchMenu system enables communication throughout the guest's journey – engagement before the stay from the moment the hotel receives the reservation, 24/7 throughout the stay and connection after the stay. It not only improves guest communication, but also streamlines communication between departments, allowing hotel staff members to easily send, track and manage tasks.” Bobev points out.

One of the challenges is always the time of implementation and getting used to the new system? 

As I mentioned before, the system has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface and is software as a service. Although our clients can upload all the information themselves (prices, descriptions, availability, languages, etc.), we offer a full range of setup and implementation services so that hoteliers can concentrate on their core duties and activities.

As Toucmenu enters a highly competitive market and a niche in which there is already "a lot of crowding", when asked about their advantages over the competition, Bobev states that the strength of TouchMenu's Virtual Concierge lies in its almost endless possibilities that it provides - directly or through partner integrations.

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"When we talk about the Virtual Concierge, you have to remember that its portal page is also the place where you can present almost everything according to the specific needs of the hotel or resort - promotional offers, trips or excursions, feedback modules, loyalty programs as well as all other third-party tools service provider. I believe that intelligent technology solutions, such as the Virtual Concierge TouchMenu, will become more widely accepted over the next few years. Our technology works well for both guests and management, making it an integral part of the business."

At the panel at the Place2Go fair, we talked about artificial intelligence in the tourism sector. How and how much will AI affect tourism in the near future?

"Undoubtedly, smart solutions and digitization will occupy a large part of the tourism industry and tourists would be happy to receive more information about the destination, about the possibilities of diversifying their stay through automated solutions, where ChatGPT would be particularly useful. However, during their stay in the hotel, guests will expect more direct communication and personal attention rather than pre-learned phrases. For example, all of our menus are powered by artificial intelligence. Incorporating AI to analyze user behavior in direct ordering features helps provide a unique and customized experience and further assists users in selecting food and beverages, as well as additional interest" added Bobev and concluded that their AI engine also provides hotel management with valuable analysis, statistics, reports and suggestions for optimization.

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3. April 2023.