A new Tourist Information Center opened in Dugi Selo

In Dugo Selo, the Tourist Information Center was officially opened with the new premises of the Tourist Board of the town of Dugo Selo

Author  HrTurizam.hr

6. July 2024.

In Dugo Selo, the Tourist Information Center with the new premises of the Tourist Board of the town of Dugo Selo was officially opened.

"This year we are celebrating the 815th year. The city is not made up of buildings, the city is made up of people, and this space was created for people, visitors, our citizens, tourists. Our city is in the first place in many ways, from the number of young people to jobs. young people are the future, and this Center will give them the opportunity to promote their city to the world, to show it in the best light", He said Nenad Panian, mayor of Dugi Selo.

The center plays a key role in promoting the city as an attractive tourist destination. It serves as the first point of contact for visitors, providing them with important information about local attractions, cultural events and accommodation facilities.

"The tourist information center is a place where from today tourists will be able to get information, prospectuses, brochures, they will be able to find out everything about our events and projects carried out by the City and the Tourist Board", she stressed  Karmela Vukov Colić, director of the Tourist Board of Dugi Selo.

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This is an important step towards raising the standard of services and improving the tourist offer, which will contribute to a better experience for everyone who visits the City of Dugo Selo. A new brochure of Dugi Selo, which contains beautiful photos, was also published travel writer and photographer Saša Pjanić, which presented Dugo Selo through details that residents may not even notice anymore. 

The center will significantly contribute to the development of local tourism not only as a source of information but also as a driver of various tourism initiatives.

"We provide great support in all activities that are carried out in Dugi Selo, but also through the support of the man who is the key to the success of the development of this destination", she pointed out Ivana Alilović, director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board.

In the Center, souvenirs, brochures and various items are available that intending travelers will be able to take with them as a souvenir. Technological advances include a digital information panel and interactive screens.

Photo source: Tourist Board of the City of Dugo Selo

Author  HrTurizam.hr

6. July 2024.