Uber as an ambassador of Croatian tourism      

The best regulator is the free market, the struggle of supply and demand, and price and quality. I’m sure you all agree with that, at least most. And there are always consumers on ...

The best regulator is the free market, the struggle of supply and demand, and price and quality. I’m sure you all agree with that, at least most.

And there are always consumers to gain, because with the free market and competition we have the right to choose, a diverse offer and quality is raised as well as the price of a service or product is reduced. Then we can choose what suits us and our worldview. But the most important thing is that the market is only regulated because the market is the only first proof of success.

This thesis is best illustrated by the taxi services market.

It was the taxi drivers who rebelled against "Uber" who had a long-standing monopoly, a high price of the service as well as poor service. But they were the only ones. Did they have to worry about the quality of service? No, like it or not consumers had only one choice. It’s easy to sit in the safety of an armchair when you’re alone, but when you have competition then it’s a different story - it’s a fight for consumers, but not a fight with bats, but with the quality of service and products. It is quite clear that this is not a fight against Uber, but against new technologies, free market, quality, work…

As in everything, and so in this case, with the opening of the taxi market there was an increase in choice and different offers, lower prices, increase in the quality of transport services and most importantly increase in the use of taxi services. Today we can choose whether we want more expensive or cheaper transport, we want ecological transport - we choose according to our capabilities and worldview. The market works, and the best are rewarded, while the worst, as in everything, are the least happy. There are two choices: Either raise the quality of service and learn in fair market competition like millions of other companies or retire. There is no third choice.

But… always that but, in Lijepa Naša. We live in the 21st century, while some are constantly taking us back to the 20th century. The fight of the old monopolists of taxi transport is great, it means that they care, but not in this form, and especially not by violence and closing the streets with an argument because they don't have that much work anymore. And who asks everyone else who struggles in the market every day to survive? A struggle that the former monopolists have long since lost, but are not yet aware of.

Do we want a monopoly of one or a free market? This is a key question, because looking from the perspective of taxi drivers who are fighting against the modern world and technology, then the former owners of video stores, as well as everyone else whose profession and profession has been replaced by technology, can rightly protest. The most worrying thing is that the former monopolists have the support of the State, and in fact there is a struggle over the past and the future, ie the present, as well as the very vision and development of our State. There are two directions, back or forward, no middle.

Uber as an ambassador of Croatian tourism

However, while Uber is the main "enemy" of the State, Uber has become an ambassador of Croatian tourism on a global level.

Having the honor of hosting the world’s premier UberBoat service is a great honor and recognition, but not only that. It is a huge free advertisement in the world media, and if they tried to rent the same media that wrote about the premiere of the UberBoat service in Croatia, they would get a dizzying and unattainable figure. It’s the power of good PR, good product and storytelling. Also, Uber has crossed as many as 5 billion rides globally, which is enough to say whether consumers want the service or not. Again, we return to freedom of choice and the market. The fight is in the market, not in the offices.

The news of the premiere was covered by many media, including the New York Times, Reuters, Vogue, CNBC, BBC, Daily Mail, Businessinsider, NYTimes, CNN, Conde Nast Traveler, LonleyPlanet,… and many other world media, without we talk about social networks. Also, of course, it was well covered by the media in our emitting markets, from Uk, France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy… Excellent free advertising for tourism, as well as for the State. Others would pay very dearly for the premiere of the UberBoat service to take place right in their State, while we tear it down. Two different worlds and visions, right?

But apart from free promotion, what exactly does this mean for our tourism?

Today, we are a world-famous destination that attracts tourists from all over the world, and when they see Uber, they trust the service and certainly raise our reputation. Because apart from being a banner, they don't have to have money with them because it is paid via mobile phone, and therefore simple and practical, and most importantly, they have confidence and security in Uber because they use it at home. If we care about guests, and we should because we live from tourism, then that can only be a plus for us. Feel free to draw a parallel that our tourism is not present on Booking.com, TripAdvisor or Airbnb. So this is not about Uber as such, but about technology development, the free market, and choice. Who is defending anyone from making the same app as Uber or a social network like Facebook etc… Get up, adapt and fight in the market like everyone else.

Personally, I'm thinking, how to try to expand cooperation with Uber, can we perhaps even better present Croatia, as a tourist destination. Uber has a large base, can advertisements of our tourist offer appear to, say, tourists in the UK? But it’s just me, looking forward, while some are still pulling back.

Whatever you think, the arrival of Uber, like all other well-known companies in the world, only opens the door to the world, both for our tourism and our economy in every sense. 5 or more years ago we could only dream of writing about Croatia as a tourist country in the world media, and today we are IN and it is already normal for the world media to place us in the TOP 5 lists and admire us, etc.… We look forward to Hollywood films adorn Croatia, and even the globally popular Uber has chosen Croatia as the best destination for the world premiere of the UberBoat service.

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