Ultra Europe as ambassadors of Croatian tourism

It is nothing new to us how foreigners are successful in promoting Croatian tourism. It doesn't matter if it's a Game of Thrones craze or a young tourist Pascal Tang from France ...

It is nothing new to us how foreigners are successful in promoting Croatian tourism. It doesn't matter if it's Game of Thrones craze or a young tourist Pascal Tang from France whose video the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board thanked, the fact is that Croatia looks very nice in the picture and video, live even more, and easily goes viral. A new case that thrilled us was the release of the promotional video Ultra aftermovie, with which Ultra promotes its festival, but also Split and Croatia globally through tourist beauties.

For starters, if you haven’t already, watch the video to see what it’s all about.

Phenomenal, isn't it? The video is a school presentation on how to make a viral video, and the main ingredients are emotions, experience, story and top production. When you watch a video you just want to be a part of that story, even if you don’t like that kind of music. Of course, the organizers of the Ultra Festival were able to make a classic promotional video in which they show only scenes for their programs, but they thought much further, not only in this case. It is not enough to sell a good program but it is important to sell the whole story, a story that is different and that is full of emotions and experiences. Apart from the main motive for the arrival of tourists at Ultra (quality program and production), the whole experience is important - the whole package, from the first arrival of the guest in Split to departure.

Accompanying the Ultra Festival via Mediatoolkita, a domestic tool for tracking online mentions, has seen a lot of traffic and a jump. The number of mentions of the festival jumped sharply on 21.1. and it turned out to be a matter of mass tweeting and sharing the new video across all social networks.


As is usually the case, after the sharing started, the real virality reached its peak the next day, and four days after the video was released, over 330 views had already been collected. To date, the video has been viewed over 566.000 times!

If we take into account that the first three minutes of the film are dedicated exclusively to the promotion of natural and architectural beauties, a huge service has been done to Croatian tourism. By entering into a more detailed follow-up of the mention in Mediatoolkitu, we saw that the film was also shared on the Flux BPM blog, which specializes in following the festival with a reach of over 200 people, and that tweets and retweets are in various languages, which makes the promotional video more than successful.


We can unconditionally say that Ultra has already helped us to bring tourists in the next season, as we saw in the report that the mention of the term "Croatia" jumped sharply from the 21st. We have moved away from the time when Croatia was an almost anonymous country, but creating viral content is still not our everyday life. Help from UItra is certainly welcome to spread the word about this tourist country.


With this video, the Ultra music festival has made its mark for Croatian tourism; next in line are our caterers and tourism staff who are left to ensure a pleasant stay for the party members and a desire to return.

Ultra Festival has changed the tourist image of Split from a transit to a real tourist destination. For years, Split has struggled to keep guests for more than three days, and today is an absolutely different story. The Ultra Festival was certainly a "game changer" that put Split on the European Youth Map, attracted a large number of tourists (just remember the panic for accommodation during the Ultra, generated high consumption and most importantly, launched the investment cycle of small and medium private individuals in The buzz that started the local economy and created the main motive - and that is profit - was created.It is estimated that in the three years of the Ultra Europe festival generated over half a billion Euros of consumption, and in Split attracted over 150.000 visitors from around the world .

Count the flags of all the countries in the picture from which tourists come to the Ultra Europe festival 

Photo: FB Ultra Europe

Photo: FB Ultra Europe

It was the private sector that saw the opportunity that it took advantage of, and in the last few years various new bars, clubs, restaurants, hostels, hotels and a wide range of private accommodation have opened in Split. The people of Split are arranging their apartments, moving for a few months in order to put their real estate into the function of tourism and, of course, earn additional income.

Of course, there are always those who complain about noise, garbage, or something third. Funny, a matter of organizing a utility company. But then the real question needs to be asked do they want tourism at all? Paradoxically, we should be happy that there is garbage, in fact, let it be as much as possible. Because if there is garbage - there are tourists as well as consumption.

Thank you to the organizers of the Ultra Europe festival for being ambassadors of our tourism and I ask them to make us more and more garbage


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