Meet the first eco-friendly beach in Croatia

Ecological sunbathing area instead of beach devastation

Unfortunately, due to the lack of strategic development of tourist destinations, we have consciously destroyed and continue to destroy landscapes and nature by wild construction of apartments as well as devastation, ie concreting of beaches. Somewhere more, somewhere less, but the fact is that we are still not aware of our inaction, ie allowing tourism to happen to us, and not to deal with tourism strategically, planned, self-sustainably and in the long run.

This is a topic we can write novels about, but the motive for this article is to answer the question: Can the beach be different, ecological and not irreversibly destroy the landscape by using concrete?

You can certainly get to know the ecological and different beach that merged with the landscape, and which was presented at the beginning of July this year on the beach Martulina in Peroj. Ecological sundeck, Hexagon 6G is a modular system of wooden surfaces for rest and sunbathing, and was created as a result of thinking about non-invasive ways of landscaping that have been the subject of architectural studio design for many years. BB architects. Its founder and author of the project Breda Bizjak lives and works on the route Pula - Ljubljana and is hereby a professional internet portal for architecture and design Look at that, decided to transfer the experience of arranging river banks to the sea shore.

Source: / Photo: Neva Bizjak

Source: / Photo: Neva Bizjak

The first platform composed of three different ones module / tris 01 was realized at the beginning of July this year on the beach Martulina in Peroj, where the municipality of Vodnjan is currently arranging a promenade and accompanying facilities. "We tried to find an alternative solution to common practices that more or less generally use concrete as the basic building material of landscaping. Cultivation of beaches by concreting is an irreversible process, there is no way to return to the original state or re-naturalization and is one of the most serious problems of the Croatian coast and coasts in general" points out Breda Bizjak

Poor tourism development strategy can thus lead to irreversible devastation of natural and cultural resources where the devastation of the coast by concreting and embankment along with deforestation due to the development of infrastructure and construction of accommodation capacities and environmental pollution is the number one problem and endangers tourism itself.

Modern wooden construction meets environmental norms and aesthetic and living standards if preference is given to the use of indigenous wood together with new technologies and respect for the culture of the area where it is built, Bizjak points out, adding that this is a modular landscaping system that is generative.It can be said that we were looking for a geometric replacement for the natural configuration of the terrain. We found the solution in the form of hexagonal wooden modules with a human-sized side length that is an ecological, functional and aesthetic product that will not disturb the natural beauty of the environment. The base of the module is a hexagon with sides 1 m long (approx. 5 m6,0) which, when raised into space, form a hexagonal shape with flat or inclined upper surfaces, adapting to the body in a lying position. It consists of a wooden substructure, covered with wooden slats, dimensioned for three people. " Due to the possibility of adapting to tourist, catering and recreational beach facilities, the modular sunbathing platform system can be used not only for arranging natural beaches, but also for arranging spaces such as hotel complexes, camps, all types of parks and promenades.

Imagine that 5-10 years ago we thought about arranging beaches through design solutions such as Hexagon 6G and the work of Breda Bizjak. Our tourism needs autochthonous, ecological and different beaches that fit into the environment, and not to irreversibly destroy the entire landscape by concreting, as well as the coast from which we live. It is interesting, in fact, how we live from the sun and the sea, and we do not nurture and look at the same resource in the long run and self-sustainably.

Paradoxically, isn't it? What would be the picture of our beaches and tourist destinations today if we had thought about a different arrangement of our beaches? We can only dream awake. But, as we see in this example, it is still not too late and we can still turn the story around.

Source: Look at that / Photo: Neva Bizjak /

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