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Health tourism will be in the forefront in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has re-introduced the topic of health tourism. Tourists around the world, as shown by numerous studies, have changed their way of thinking and now want to feel safer. And how...

The coronavirus pandemic has re-introduced the topic of health tourism. Tourists around the world, as shown by numerous studies, have changed their way of thinking and now want to feel safer. And in order to feel safer, it is necessary for them to gain confidence in the destination they are traveling to. The epidemiological standards and health safety of the destination is high on the list of requirements, especially of foreign tourists. This year will certainly largely depend on the epidemiological situation, but also on the possibility of adapting to it.

One of the Croatian destinations that has a long and successful tradition of health tourism is Kvarner. "Current events in health tourism in Kvarner" was the topic of a media conference convened by the Kvarner Tourist Board.

“The basis of health tourism in Kvarner are top institutions and medical teams led by renowned and experienced doctors, and the entire Kvarner tourism sector in which hotels and other accommodation facilities and travel agencies together with tourist boards and other entities create and promote a product we call health tourism. An unavoidable factor is a number of climatological advantages of the Kvarner region, which, along with tradition and a well-known lifestyle, place Kvarner among the top destinations ” - emphasized the director of the Kvarner Tourist Board, Ph.D. Irena Persic Zivadinov.

The range of benefits that guests receive in Kvarner is much wider than the health treatments themselves. There are wellness and SPA, aesthetic treatments, rich gastronomy and more, which contributes to "charging the batteries" that guests are looking for. And these are exactly the factors that stand out in the promotion of Kvarner as a destination for health tourism.

In its activities, the Kvarner Tourist Board, together with the economy and with the support of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, encourages optimism and faith that the consequences of the COVID-19 virus pandemic will be "cured", and we are sure that the recovery will bring new impulses. but with respect for sanitary-safety-health standards, which will remain imperative in travel and stays in destinations around the world ” - notes Živadinov and announces that the Kvarner Tourist Board, as well as the entire health and tourism sector will adapt marketing activities to the current situation.

In 2021, health tourism will be in the forefront, and the results of tourist traffic in 2020 have shown that there has been a certain "rearrangement" of tourist markets. The focus of action is now on the nearest markets, which proved to be loyal last year as well, but also the one with the highest rate of flexibility in terms of last-minute decision-making and greater mobility due to proximity.

It is expected that the trend of guests coming with a health tourism motif, where they will combine leisure and health services, could change somewhat. Namely, thanks to the changed business circumstances due to the pandemic, such as the trend of working from home, the possibility of longer stays, as well as intergenerational, family trips has also opened up.

The Kvarner Tourist Board is participating in a national program, ie a campaign run by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, called "Safe Stay in Croatia", which will mark facilities and facilities throughout Croatia that meet standards and protocols according to the recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

“Together with the Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster, the Kvarner Tourist Board plans to formally certify Kvarner as a health destination, for which there are preconditions in the quality of clinics, the offer of tourist services and the tradition of health tourism dating back to the 19th century. medical teams with an international reputation. This type of formal certification will only complete and enhance the security of the destination and contribute to greater visibility of Kvarner as a health destination. " - added Zivadinov.

Considering all the above, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports was offered to include the Kvarner region as a pilot project in the national strategic document, ie within the Strategy for the Development of Sustainable Tourism until 2030.

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