Karlovac County presented a mobile tourist card "In medias res"

The Public Institution of Barać's Cave in Rakovica presented the Tourism Promotion Program of Karlovac County, ie the tourist application and the virtual tourist card of Karlovac County called "In medias res". With this ...

The Public Institution of Barać's Cave in Rakovica presented the Tourism Promotion Program of Karlovac County, ie the tourist application and the virtual tourist card of Karlovac County called "In medias res".

This is the first time that the tourist offer has been combined in one place, via a mobile tourist card.

The aim of the project is to increase tourist traffic or total consumption, increase the number of multi-day guests and extend the average stay, encourage longer stays of guests through the offer of more diverse content, increase attendance at tourist attractions and generate higher revenue from ticket sales, souvenirs and the like.

It is a concrete measure to help the tourist economy of Karlovac County to easily position and attract guests in the current tourist season under the influence of coronavirus, but also the old aspiration of tourism workers to unite the entire indigenous offer under one marketing tool and place guests as a unique tourist experience.

The virtual tourist card, ie the mobile application, operates on the principle of a networked offer model with incentives and discounts for tourists who decide to stay in the county, and in early July will be available in paper form in all tourist boards and all the most frequent destinations in Karlovac County.

It enables the guest to achieve significant savings on accommodation, excursion programs of travel agencies, restaurants, tickets for museums and attractions, events and manifestations, as well as discounts on indigenous souvenirs and products of local family farms, ie some benefits, while consuming tourist and catering services in the county. in kind determined by the project partners themselves.

In this way, Karlovac County and the Karlovac County Tourist Board want to reveal to the guest the secret world of natural phenomena, untouched landscape, eno-gastronomy and hidden tourist offer in a destination where, in addition to relaxing along beautiful rivers in the heart of Croatia.

The system of benefits for the end guest is completely free and designed in such a way that the more the guest uses it, the more savings there are with the currently 231 partners, who have expressed interest in participating in the Program.

Promotions and discounts are not added together if consumed by the same partner, and the value of generated coupons in the application is 7 days, while permanent discounts are valid indefinitely to the user of the user code of the application.

Out of a total of 231 registered business entities wishing to participate in the Program, in the first phase an Agreement was signed with the top 29 business entities in tourism in our county, which with its 47 facilities will be on offer from July 01, 2020.

“The card itself is part of the implementation of our Karlovac County Tourism Development Strategy, where we want to extend our stay in our county. We also want to change seasonality because it is very characteristic of our county, as it is at sea. However, our tourists are tied to the summer months, which is what we want to change so that their arrival in the county is almost 365 days a year. " - said Deputy Prefect Martina Furdek-Hajdnin.

Deputy Prefect Martina Furdek Hajdin also pointed out that Karlovac County is the most visited continental county (not counting the city of Zagreb), that standards are constantly being raised, and she believes that the "tourist card" will make tourism even better and more competitive.

The director of the Public Institution for the Management of the Significant Landscape of the Barać Cave, Tihana Oštrina, said that unrelated to the ticket card for sightseeing of the Upper Barać Cave this summer is 52 kuna (for adult visitors), not 75 kuna as before. offer free admission for children.

"The goal of our institution is to expand the content as an additional motive for the arrival of tourists, for example, a museum visitor center Speleon will be built, then the" ice age trail "(educational promenade), and three more hiking trails. This will be realized through three European projects worth 30 million kuna. "said Sharpness.

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