A significant step forward from Međimurje: After the specially designed bottle, now the pushipel has its own glass

Author  Goran Rihelj

15. December 2022.

Just four years ago, in 2018 to be exact, the first specially designed puffer bottle was launched, autochthonous types of wine from Međimurje, and today they already have their own in Međimurje he blew a glass.

In the house of culture Štrigova, the future the world center of Pushipela (another cube that will complete the story), this week it was presented "pushipel glass" which put an end to the "i" of drinking and enjoying this autochthonous variety of wine, made by the company Riedel, synonymous with wine glasses.

Pušipel, a traditional variety of wine from Međimurje, which has become a famous and internationally awarded wine through ten years of persistent work of Međimurje winemakers gathered in the Hortus Croatia and Međimurje County association, has confirmed its quality this year with even three Decanters, the most prestigious wine award.

Fifteen years ago, Međimurje winemakers came up with the idea of ​​developing a county brand of wine that would serve as a foundation for winemaking and the development of an oenological tourism story.

With this goal, in 2011, the project "Clonal selection of pušipela" started in cooperation with Međimurje County, Hortus Croatiae Winegrowers and Winegrowers Association and the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, and Međimurje started developing the pušipela brand, recalled the president of Hortus Croatiae Vintners and Winegrowers Association. David Stampar.

"In 2018, we launched the first bottle of pushipel, and today we present a glass for pushipel. The Kocijan winery has already held two workshops, and you can really feel the characteristics of Pushipel better in this glass." says Štampar.

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Međimurje winemakers won 25 medals this year at the most prestigious Decanter wine competition, including two gold ones, which is just another confirmation of their quality work.

"Today, we are not just presenting a glass, but we are presenting another step forward in the culture of wine drinking, wine as a tourist product and wine as branding for the whole of Međimurje. I congratulate the Hortus Croatia association for 30 years of work, and for putting your top Međimurje wines on the world enological map", said the Prefect of Međimurje County Matija Posavec.

"I am extremely proud that Međimurje and Pušipel got their own glass, because the shape of the glass really affects the characteristics of the wine we drink" he emphasized Tomislav Tuđen from the company Mahor for the distribution of glasses and wine and added that Riedel the absolute number one in the world when it comes to wine glasses, and it was they who made the glass for the Pushipel variety.

As pointed out by the mayor of Štrigova Municipality Stanislav Rebernik, Pušipel deserves to be promoted, therefore the municipality continues to take care of it through the world center of Pušipel, for which the project documentation is ready, and which will present Međimurje wines to visitors in a dignified manner in the cultural center and enable them to taste our drop in one place and find out everything about our wines.

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The Međimurka wine road is one of the best in Croatia.

More and more visitors visit the Međimurje Wine Road every year, and the director of the Tourist Board of Međimurje County Rudi Grula he recalled the fact that the Međimurje wine road is one of the highest quality and most awarded when we compare the number of obtained Decanters and the number of hectares on which vineyards are cultivated.

"All that effort, achieved results and achieved reputation deserve that the talk about our wines, and especially about our smoker, should be upgraded. We do not only market wine, but also experience. We still have many projects and ideas waiting for us that we want to realize in order to raise our wine region to the highest possible level and to sell the top wines of our winemakers as expensive as possible, because they deserve it", he concluded Grul and added that in addition to good wine, an extremely important element is beautiful nature, decorated tasting rooms, labels, as well as bottles and glasses.

Finally, we remind you that this year at Magjerka hill an open cycling viewpoint with a view of four states as a new tourist attraction in Međimurje. As part of the lookout point, there is also a souvenir shop where you can buy Međimurka wine. 

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Photo: Međimurje County

Author  Goran Rihelj

15. December 2022.