As we have 50 shades of gray, so Lithuania made its own shades of color through an excellent campaign

As we know, today it is easiest to communicate thanks to global media and social media. But on the other hand, it is very difficult to get attention, and it is even harder to keep it and ...

As we know, today it is easiest to communicate thanks to global media and social media. But on the other hand, it is very difficult to get attention, and it is even harder to keep it and get to the action. We simply have an awful lot of noise in communication, the audience is exposed to hundreds of commercials in various ways every day and today everyone is communicating.

It is much harder to brand, especially if we are fighting for attention with big brands or destinations, which have much bigger advertising budgets and better brand recognition.

Take Greece as an example. Everyone in the world knows about Greece and its glorious history, and it is difficult to fight and impose oneself next to such a brand. Of course not impossible. Just yesterday, Greece announced that it is opening up to tourism, and that it will invest 22 million euros (approximately 165 million kuna) in the current campaign alone. If we compare with the CNTB, the total budget for communication and advertising for the whole of 2021 it amounts to HRK 128.885.613.

What I want to point out is that when you struggle with the big ones (in the context of brand and budget) then you have to be proactive, innovative, creative, different from others and find a way to impose yourself and jump out of the crowd. Certainly, with a classic sun and sea campaign, we will not achieve much or get so much important attention, let alone action (AIDA marketing model).

It is in this context that I bring the example of Lithuania's courageous campaign, which attracted a lot of attention last year - Lithuania: Colors you never knew existed.

- Some dyes can be made in the lab, but nothing can surpass the natural and vivid colors that are revealed when you visit a new country. Join Lukas at the super secret color institute in Lithuania as he searches for unique colors and shades. Or just come to Lithuania for colors you never knew existed, it is the narrative of the campaign.

Watch video campaigns - Lithuania: Colors you never knew existed

Lithuania. Discover colors you never knew existed

"Take a look at how the unique color palette of Lithuania is being born. Luca, the main character of this story and a young researcher, aim to discover new colors. The whole action takes place in a fictional color institute somewhere in Lithuania. Luca tries to create a new color in a scientific way - by mixing different chemicals. But it just doesn’t work. A random moment makes him see a color that was often visible in his eyes - cold pink, the color of Lithuanian beetroot soup, which every Lithuanian (and visitor) enjoys in the summer. This color serves as an addition to colors you never knew existed in the collection, along with colors such as Baltic blue, amber yellow to red on the roofs of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, ”reads the campaign description.

The video shows Lithuania through a vivid connection with experiences and places that are distinctly Lithuanian. No two colors are the same, and Lithuanian colors (and places where they can be detected) are unique in their own way. The video has two goals. The first is to reveal to visitors something unique, and yet unseen, and for the locals to see their country in a new light.

As we have 50 shades of gray, so Lithuania has made its own shades of color - Striking yellow, dark green, modern gray, vivid red, delicious pink, striking blue and real black.

We often point out interesting and great campaigns of tourist destinations on the portal, such as from Scotland, New Zealand, the capital of Lithuania and many others.

Of course, the campaign also had various story extensions. As the whole world switched to virtual conversations and conferences, so Lithuania announced backgrounds for virtual conversations - of course backgrounds that tell stories about the seven Lithuanian colors. There are also short video stories, as well as communication on social networks.

The striking Lithuania yellow color is also used in other campaigns.

All in all, a brave and different campaign, which certainly attracted, but also kept the attention. Be different, or as Seth Godin would say: Be a blue cow.

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