Dog friendly destination as a good positioning opportunity?

According to a national survey of pet owners in America, 45% of people bring their dogs at least two nights when they travel. Good enough motive to focus especially on the promotion and the story towards ...

According to a national survey of pet owners in America, 45% of people bring their dogs at least two nights when they travel.

Good enough motive to focus especially on promotion and storytelling towards tourists with pets. So in 2019, Visit North Carolina launched a search for the world’s first dog travel agent or tourism from a canine perspective.

And so North Carolina got the world’s first dog travel agent.

But the story began first with an ad that piqued the interest of the public and the community. On the ad on the guide dog, among the 500 candidates, the dog Mo won, who became the star and ambassador of the campaign.

"Our goal is for North Carolina to be the first place that comes to mind for traveling with dogs, and we are convinced that Mo is the key to achieving this.”Said Wit Tuttell, CEO of Visit North Carolina.

So Mo became the main narrator of the story and an effective resource for finding content for travelers who bring their pets such as dog friendly hotels, campsites, parks and trails, breweries, restaurants, bakeries and other places to suit their needs.

After that, the shooting of the video started, and a special one was made Web page to communicate and promote North Carolina as a dog friendly destination. Explore the website. Also, Mo got his Instagram and Facebook profile. A growing community and feeding itself with information and experiences, at least it should, but as far as I can see the whole story has unfortunately not been further elaborated.

It's as if they started and stopped great, which is a shame. Because this is a platform and community that seeks such content. Today, it is easiest to start a website, but if it is something one-time, so is the effect. We don’t have to specifically emphasize how many people are attached to dogs, as well as that there is a whole industry that follows the lives of dogs.

Croatia as a five friendly destination?

The story of the first travel agent for dogs in the world is certainly a good idea that we can implement in a similar and better way in Croatia as a dog friendly destination.

The more we are a car destination, we have a lot of camps, nature, mountains and forests, we have branched into a long coast, which means that there is as much space for dog beaches as we want. It's just a question of how to smartly fit them and connect them all into one tourist product.

In Crikvenica, since 2018 we have Monty's Dog Beach & Bar ”, the first cafe in Croatia, which offers beer, ice cream, cakes… for dogs. The story that started the positive avalanche and the process of branding Crikvenica as a dog friednly destination. Also, in Crikvenica, many accommodation facilities carry the pet friendly label, and in honor of pets, a Crikvenica 4 Pets event is organized in September.

By the way, the pet industry in the United States is generating $ 95 billion, according to data from the American Pet Products Association for 2019.

Of course,, TripAdvisor and Airbnb also have a special focus on accommodation facilities that accept dogs.

Certainly, Croatia must play an important role as a five friendly destination. In Germany, France, Italy and Austria, more than 40% of hotels receive pets, according to the data Trabber-and.

The industry is terribly large, from vets, trainers, accommodation, restaurants, food, attractions, parks, clothing, cosmetics, salons, competitions, training grounds and various other equipment for dogs… google, you will be surprised what makes and follows today's dog life.

By the way, interestingly in Rakovica, Donji Miholjac, brothers Mladen and Mario Falamić, produce the first dog food in the world with hemp, which is made on the basis of industrial hemp. We also have a Croatian brand specializing in the design and production of modern furniture for pets - Robowsky, as well as, for example, the Qushin brand, which in Lijepa naša has the production of dog pillows, which are exported throughout Europe. A little more research would surely reveal other Croatian dog wash manufacturers.

By the way, in Croatia, according to a survey conducted three years ago by GfK - Center for Market Research, 61 percent of households have at least one pet, 41 percent of citizens said they have a dog.

And we have one of the best ambassadors to fit this story - the Croatian breed of Dalmatian or Dalmatian dog, which everyone in the world knows, thanks to Disney, but they think it is an American breed.

So we have it all and it’s up to us to smartly round out the whole story and offer it to the market.

One loud reflection motivated by a video about the world’s first travel agent for dogs.

Photo: Jacub Gomez,

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