Are the event industry expecting better days?

Better days are coming for the creative industry, but it will mostly depend on vaccination, ie the speed of vaccination so that as large a percentage of the population can be vaccinated. These are the words of the Minister ...

Better days are coming for the creative industry, but it will mostly depend on vaccination, ie the speed of vaccination so that as large a percentage of the population can be vaccinated. These are the words of the Minister of Culture and Media, Nine Obuljen Koržinek, in the Croatian Radio show "In the network of the first", and on the topic of “Safe Gatherings”.

A few days ago we wrote that this week is planned, as pilot project, holding the first official event in Croatia, and under the control of the Croatian Institute of Public Health. It is a project that has been implemented or will be implemented in several other European countries, and which aims to start the event industry and assess the risk of events.

According to the words Tomislav Radoš, Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for Industry and Sustainable Development, although financial indicators have not yet been processed, losses in the event industry are large. According to estimates, the losses of the creative industry compared to 2019 amount to about 80%. This was confirmed by both the event manager and the PR expert Adnan Mehmedović who added that numerous studies done outside show that outdoor events, even indoors, carry minimal risk.

A pilot project is expected this week, ie a business reception and a big wedding, but the concert will have to wait a little longer. According to Minister Obuljen Koržinek concerts, as part of the project "Because it must be played" of the Croatian Music Union and the Ministry of Culture and Media, events are already taking place and will continue to take place, and she is convinced that the project will agree with the organizers to they begin to open up opportunities for more viewers.

"Now that Croatia receives over 100 doses of vaccine and we expect that the majority of the adult population will be able to be vaccinated by the end of June, we can start organizing events with more visitors, but it will depend on the speed of vaccination.", said Obuljen Koržinek.

As manifestations and big events take several months to realize, Mehmedović expects numerous cancellations by the end of the year. But this is an opportunity to save small and medium-sized events this summer.

While the data from the research presented by Radoš show that people are insecure, ie not inclined to attend big events, due to the fear of the virus, Mehmedović is convinced that there is no such fear, because all the events that went on sale have sold out. He expects that there will be more smaller events this summer that will sell out as people crave concerts, parties and socializing.

"We will discuss the possibility of filling the auditorium as before the pandemic, subject to confirmation of vaccination, testing or that the person has survived the virus", stressed the Minister, who then announced the next phase of the project "Because it must be played", as interest grows.

Cultural events work, but 25 people are still allowed for business conferences and congresses, although, as Mehmedovic says, it is a type of event that can respect measures from the cultural industry and the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports should, in parallel with culture. also do the same or similar measures for those events for which the season is just beginning.

Platform Safe gatherings The Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Culture and Media are still in the test phase for another 15 days, Radoš points out, and it was done in agreement with the creative and cultural industries. After that, the platform will be completed, translated into German and English and modules for conferences and business events will be created.

“The platform is simple. The organizer should fill in the necessary data on the event, time, number of visitors… then the algorithm checks whether the data are in accordance with epidemiological measures and if everything is done in accordance with the defined conditions, a certificate of safe assembly is issued., Rados emphasized.

"The platform is a positive step, it's a start and with the pilot projects I think it will be a sufficient step to start with bigger events", Mehmedović points out.

The platform is one of the tools to help organizers convince visitors that an event is safe. It will contribute to the gathering of a larger number of people, and the pilot project, according to the results so far, will only further recover the event industry and all those whose business is related to it. Therefore, we eagerly await the results of the pilot project, but also the results of vaccination.

But realistically, this is just the beginning of the recovery, and for more serious results, we will probably wait until next year.

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