Find out how Slovenia combines top gastronomy and sustainability through an excellent narrative

Today, I wrote about Istria through consistency and positioning, and Slovenia is actively working on positioning. Namely, the new promotional video sends a picture and narrative based on the top ...

Today I wrote about Istria through consistency and positioning, and Slovenia is also actively working on positioning.

Namely, the new promotional video sends a picture and narrative based on the top gastronomic scene of Slovenia, all through sustainable development.

In the year when Slovenia has the prestigious title of European Gastronomy Region, they present a new gastronomic video for the promotion of Slovenia as a sustainable gastronomic destination, based on a top culinary offer suggested by nature.

Sustainable gastronomic story about Slovenia - Slovenian Gastronomy: You can't spell Slovenia without love.

Video by Tent Film for Feel Slovenia.

The video just mentioned yesterday is the winner of the Fitur Travel Video competition in the category Best International Video Promoting a Tourism Product FITUR 2021.

Among 85 entries, an expert jury consisting of international experts from the fields of journalism, marketing, audio-visual communications, tourism and advertising selected 72 videos for the competition. Yesterday, at the video announcement of the awards, the video won first place in the Best International Video category promoting the FITUR 2021 tourism product.

According to the Slovenian Tourist Board, the new video shows the unique advantage of Slovenian chefs because they have a privileged access to local ingredients. Slovenian culinary philosophy is based on the principle of 'garden to table', and this is reflected in the close relationship between chefs and local producers, as well as the deep ties between Slovenian landscapes and traditional culinary experiences.

I have written before about the excellent communication of the Slovenian Tourist Board as well as the website, ie the platform that is arranged in a great way - so simple, and yet so meaningful. More attached.

And no, it's not just a great video. This is a big problem, at least in Croatia, because we have a great story, promotion and that's where we stop. No way to round out the whole process and experience. Video is just a tool or medium to tell a story or promote a segment. Video creates attention and interest, and we know how hard it is to get attention today, and even harder to keep it.

If we look through AIDA marketing model which is an acronym for A - Attention, I - Interest, D - Desire, A - Action in advertising, then the video is used for the first two acronyms. If there is no additional communication after the video, then the whole process stops and there is no effect.

Desire or creating a desire to travel allows us to continue the story or storytelling, through, say, a digital platform. On the main web platform, there is a subpage only for the gastronomic experience of Slovenia - Taste Slovenia. Taste nature., to which the video actually refers.

On a special web page, the story continues, "proof of concept" and the creation of a wish, for the final Yes or action. And that is the meaning of communication and promotion. Get to the action / purchase or the arrival of a guest. And again, now back to the article on the main digital platform of the Slovenian Tourist Board (attached below). Everything is rounded, arranged and connected because the motive for coming is the destination, not the bed.

One video makes no difference. On the contrary, we did not achieve the goal and ultimately threw all our effort and money into the wind. Yes, it may have attracted attention, but there is no sequel to the story, and therefore no real effect.


Let me refer once again to the article on positioning. Today, there is too much noise in communication, too many brands, advertising, and it is segmentation into niches, the simplicity of the message, I would add authenticity, the formula for success - and this is where positioning is key.


Slovenia has clearly positioned itself as a green and sustainable destination, and now it only adds layers and complements its tourist story with various extensions. But the key is the base or skeleton of the story, and it is on a strong foundation.

Explore and educate yourself on how to do a good promotion and put together a tourist story - Slovenia is an excellent cast study. And interestingly, Slovenia "does not have" the sea and develops year-round tourism.

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