HT and the Association of Digital Nomads of Croatia have entered into a partnership. The result? A special package just for digital nomads in Croatia

Hrvatski Telekom (HT) has signed a cooperation agreement with the Association of Digital Nomads of Croatia (DNA), backed by well-known ambassadors of digital nomads in Croatia - Jan de Jong from the company ...

Hrvatski Telekom (HT) has signed a cooperation agreement with Croatian Association of Digital Nomads (DNA) backed by well-known ambassadors of digital nomads in Croatia - Jan de Jong from Webpower Adria and Tanja J. Polegubic from Saltwater Workspace, and the results of the cooperation are immediately visible - a special offer from HT aimed specifically at digital nomads in Croatia.

Namely, in order to support the fast-growing community of digital nomads and provide them with quality working conditions, Hrvatski Telekom has prepared a package 'Unlimited Internet' which is easy to activate. All digital nomads need is to request on the page special package and he comes to their chosen address. This allows the user to easily top up and use the card for a longer stay in Croatia.

Due to the ease of use and the fact that no contractual obligation package is required 'Unlimited Internet' it is made just for all digital nomads who live life on the move. As pointed out by HT, the package can be activated first for a period of one week for the price of 85 kuna and in that weekly offer seven days of unlimited surfing are included, and the SIM card is activated when connecting to the Internet for the first time. use the unlimited surfing option.

On each further reactivated Flat Surf option, users get a 20 kuna discount so that the price of this option is 60 kuna per week. When making additional payments, the user can pay a maximum of HRK 2000 at a time, which is enough to cover a little more than eight months.

 "We listen to the market and the needs of our customers every day and we are a package 'Unlimited Internet' wanted to make it easier for digital nomads who are already in Croatia, and for those who consider Croatia as a destination from which to work to show that this is not only possible with one of the 10 fastest mobile networks in the world, but also a great choiceHe said Richard Brešković, Director of the Marketing Department for Private Customers of Hrvatski Telekom.

"Yesterday we officially entered into a partnership with Hrvatski Telekom and in support of its support. The leading provider of telecommunications services in Croatia has created a special offer for all digital nomads by offering them unlimited, fast and mobile internet for only HRK 60,00 per week, without a contractual obligation." he pointed out Jan de jong on behalf of the DNA Association and added that HT's service gives digital nomads in Croatia the ultimate freedom they seek and will be able to take high-speed internet with them wherever they go while exploring the most beautiful European country.

It is estimated that there are 4,8 million people in the world who have somehow opted for a digital-nomadic lifestyle, and as many as 17 million people aspire to it. Excellent cooperation, which resulted in a concrete benefit for digital nomads in Croatia - a fast and stable internet connection at any time and in any place, which is crucial for them to do their job.

Photo: Daria Mamont

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