HTZ organized a water sharing campaign in the ferry ports of Stinica and Split

The Croatian Tourist Board is also organizing this year, in the middle of the main part of the tourist season, an action to share branded spring water with the inscription "Welcome to Croatia".


6. August 2022.

Croatian tourist agency and this year, in the middle of the main part of the tourist season, it organizes an action to share branded spring water with an inscription "Welcome to Croatia". After the water was distributed at the border crossings last Saturday Rupa, Bregana, Macelj and Plovanija, these Saturdays are bottles of refreshment and welcome intended for numerous travelers and tourists inStinica and Split ferry ports. 

They joined the action of sharing water in Stinica ferry port Kristjan Staničić, director of the Croatian Tourist Board, Ivan Radosevic, director of TZ Lika-Senj County, Viktor Samaržija, director of the TZ of the city of Senj, Marin Mušćo, director of the TZ of the Lopar municipality, as well as representatives of the TZ of the city of Rab.

"In Croatia, the very peak of the tourist season is underway, when more than one million guests are continuously staying in Croatian destinations on a daily basis. This is a large figure that confirms that our country is very well positioned on the tourist market, which is why many foreign travel enthusiasts and showed their trust. Through this action, we want to thank them in a symbolic way, and since there are big crowds and heat, we want to make the waiting time easier for our guests and give them a feeling of welcome.", said the director Stanicic, adding that 30.000 bottles of water will be distributed in these two ferry ports.

"Since the beginning of the year, we have been recording excellent tourist results, we are at 95% of overnight stays from the record year 2019, accommodation capacities and our destinations are very full", said Radošević, director of the TZ Lika-Senj County.

Appropriately branded water bottles with a welcome message printed on them QR code, which leads to the Croatian tourism page, are divided into Split ferry port where many tourists are waiting to board and continue their journey to the beautiful Croatian islands.

Htz port split water division

"We are extremely pleased to participate in this joint project with the Croatian Tourist Board. Every sign of attention and effort is well recognized by our guests, they must always be our first priority, because this is the only way we can justify and retain their trust in the long term.", she concluded Alijana Vuksic, director of the TZ of the city of Split.

By the way, there are currently 1,1 million tourists in the country, of which around 942.000 are foreign. Currently, we have the most guests from the markets of Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and the Netherlands. Looking at destinations, most tourists currently stay in Rovinj, Medulin, Vir, Poreč and Umag.

Photos: Croatian National Tourist Board


6. August 2022.