Iva Bencun: Adventure tourism can become the backbone of the domestic tourist offer

The corona crisis has left consequences on the segment of adventure tourism, the structure of guests has changed in favor of domestic tourists, and destinations that do not depend on air traffic are significantly less affected, ...

The corona crisis has had consequences for the adventure tourism segment, the structure of guests has changed in favor of domestic tourists, and destinations that do not depend on air traffic, such as the northern Adriatic and the continent, are significantly less affected, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Adventure Tourism Council concluded.

Also, entrepreneurs in adventure tourism are convinced that this segment of the offer will become one of the basic products of domestic tourism, with the help of targeted support for further development and promotion.

"Immediately after the lockdown, a lot of local guests had the need to stay in nature and engage in physical activities that may never have happened before. In this sense, covid has had a positive impact and we hope that we have gained some new customers, because we will have to strengthen the domestic market as a base.", Said the president of the Association of Adventure Tourism of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Iva Bencun, adding that active and adventure tourism takes place more in the off-season and in that sense good results in July and August did not mean much to some.

Croatia is among the world's leading adventure destinations

Bencun points out that the new rules of conduct imposed by the crown, such as social distance and spending time outdoors, go hand in hand with adventure tourism, as well as camping or boating. He sees this as an opportunity to further develop the offer of these segments and become the backbone of domestic tourism, but he also emphasizes that this will be difficult to achieve without targeted state measures.

"In addition to resolving liquidity bridging assets for which many members have not yet received HAMAG and HBOR solutions, and applications have been pending since May, or have received automatic rejections because they are marked as a very risky activity as agencies, we hope for targeted grants for further development and promotion, as well as the reduction of tickets for national parks and nature parks for programs organized by Croatian agencies", Says Bencun.

Data from the "Index of Adventure Tourism Development 2020" also support her thinking. World Adventure Tourism Association (ATTA), according to which Croatia took over this year first place by competitiveness among the top 5 destinations in the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and 11th place among 163 countries in the category of adventure destinations in development.


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