The Adriatic highway and the old Karlovac road as tourist content?

The cult Porsche Boxster is celebrating its 25th birthday, and a video shot in Croatia was presented for the big anniversary. So Porsche has joined many car brands that are ...

The cult Porsche Boxster is celebrating its 25th birthday, and a video shot in Croatia was presented for the big anniversary. Thus, Porsche joined many car brands that have chosen Croatia as their location for shooting videos.

Great advertising for Croatia because when globally known brands connect with a country, it certainly gives a big plus to the global PR of Lijepa naša. It also gives a certain confirmation and an additional signal to other companies, that they also come to Croatia to shoot videos, but also to shoot movies and series, which brought a huge positive PR.

Also, it should not be forgotten that in addition to promotion, local resources are used to record videos and films, from technical ones for filming purposes, to accommodation and business tourism. So the whole story spreads and has additional benefits.

However, this video once again drew my attention to the underutilized potential of the Adriatic Highway as well as the old Karlovac road, which, as in the cartoon "Cars" and the example of Route 66, lost its importance by redirecting traffic by building a highway.

Thus, the whole area lost a lot, significant tourist spending was lost, on which many local entrepreneurs depended, and thus emigration from these rural areas was encouraged. The road that life meant. The road that the tourist workers of Karlovac and Lika-Senj counties have long had to valorize for tourism. Especially since on the whole move today we have a lot more attractions than before and we already have a brand built, which just needs to be revived and given a new life cycle.

On the other hand, do you know that feeling when you “rush” to the annual? By no means do we all understand that a trip to the sea is actually a vacation in itself and we should experience that trip as well. Yes, the trip is part of the holiday, I personally like to see and experience as much as possible and I always watch what is on my way between point A and point B. Both us and foreign tourists are interested in any content that will make our trip to the destination more interesting and more attractive. Especially to tourists who travel for hours with waits and crowds at the borders.

When we are at the old Karlovac road, personally when I go from Zagreb to Dalmatia, I always get off in Karlovac and go on the old Karlovac road. The whole area offers excellent tourist stories, from nature, museums, interpretation centers, restaurants, Rastoke as well as the natural phenomenon of Plitvice Lakes. There is an interesting tourist phenomenon overflowing vessels. More on that in the attachment.


For example, Baranja and Osijek are one of the stops for all Hungarians traveling to the Adriatic. Why wouldn't it be Karlovac, Lika and Gorski Kotar for all other tourists.

I wrote about a similar but opposite example last year. Namely, for years, transit drivers who do not want to pay for a vignette on the Austrian motorway have created large crowds on local motorways (especially during the summer and winter holidays). Crowds on local roads have reduced the quality of life of the local population, raised pollution and noise levels, prevented a quick response to emergency services that cannot reach people who need such help in time, etc.… But Tyroleans decided to react and tried to address the problem. The governor of the Austrian province of Tyrol, Guenther Platter, has decided that drivers who do not have a small destination in the province as their final destination have nothing to do on local roads and have to drive on motorways, and introduced penalties for drivers who do not respect this. Instead of turning this into an advantage, they decided to stop traffic in Tyrol, and thus tourist traffic.


Also, our Adriatic highway, when of course there are no huge crowds, takes the breath away of all drivers. Phenomenal shots and landscapes that are revealed from turn to turn. By relieving the traffic on the highway, we could certainly jump by providing large parking lots above the highway, ie outside the destination, better public transport in order to encourage intermodal transport, as well as activating the sea "highway", which I have written several times. In addition to increasing consumption and a better experience for tourists, this would create more space for the use of the Adriatic Highway.


In Croatia, there are also agencies and guides who lead motorized tours, ie tourists along the Adriatic Highway. Two years ago, a large number of Harley Davidson fans gathered in Novalja. Organized by the Tourist Board of Novalja and the Association Dalmatia Chapter Croatia, which is currently gathering the owners of Harley Davidson motorcycles, a motorcycle meeting "Island Thunder Powered by Harley Davidson" was held on the island of Pag in Novalja. In October, outside the peak season, the event gathered hundreds of motorcyclists from Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina for three days. Definitely a great example of how to extend the tourist season. These are great consumers who like to see and experience the wider context of the destination and consume a variety of additional content. From managers, doctors, lawyers and other business people to whom it is a way of life and an exhaust valve from stress. It is a story that has great potential for further development.

Otherwise part state roads D25 Karlobag - Gospić is considered by drivers and fans of octane sports to be one of the most beautiful roads in Croatia, which should definitely be taken for complete driving visual hedonism. The secret of pleasure with an amazing view lies in the fact that the road overcomes 1000 meters above sea level in just 20 kilometers of its length, which is a guarantee for a great ride. 

Let’s not forget that a vacation begins with a trip and should be enjoyed and made a special experience. Driving on our coast, for example on the old Karlovac road and passing through Lika and Gorski kotar on the other side of Velebit, and then driving on the highway to the final destination may prolong your journey, but also enrich it. Take that day more and stay along the way because here are the many tourist stories you miss when you just rush down the highway. We also need to communicate with tourists. To begin with, let's make a top list of the best routes for motorcycles, mark it and record a video and photo materials. Let's highlight all the additional content on the route, from museums to restaurants and create new content.

So, to conclude, we have stories, we just have to turn them into tourism products. Why are we waiting?

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