Jure Grando - a new bike path in the area of ​​central Istria

In Kringa, in the Municipality of Tinjan, a new bicycle path was presented today in the area of ​​the Tourist Board of Central Istria (TZSI) - the Jure Grando trail (Istra bike number 618). It is a bicycle circular path, whose start is in ...

In Kringa, in the Municipality of Tinjan, a new bicycle path was presented today in the area of ​​the Tourist Board of Central Istria (TZSI) - trail Jure Grando (Istra bike number 618).

It is a bicycle circular path, which starts in Kringa, 27,7 km long and 330 m in total height difference. "Due to the terrain configuration and technical characteristics, it is classified as medium-difficult trails, marked in yellow, and it connects the slopes of Limska draga with the foot of the valley, through which it passes all the way to Barat and intersection with other bike trails from where it leads to Kanfanar", He points out Sanja Kantaruti, director of TZSI.

The first part of the trail leads through a landscaped macadam path (which is also a pedestrian) and after about 600 meters you come to a more demanding descent, which leads directly to the foot of the bay. The ride along the trail then continues on a mostly flat terrain with dirt ground and forest paths, approximately 7 kilometers all the way to the ascent that leads to a wide macadam road in the length of 4,3 km to the town of Barat.

In the area of ​​Barata, the trail passes through forest and macadam roads over Rajkova Stancija to the asphalt local road Kringa - Radetići in the length of 200 meters in order to turn again onto the macadam road leading to the village of Hrvatini.

In Hrvatini, it turns for a short time on the local road Kringa - Sv. Lovreč, which is abandoned after 100 meters and through the villages of Gregorci and Pavletići along the forest and macadam road towards Jelovci and Piškova Stancija, then towards Vitasi and Pajci where entering the macadam road follows a slight ascent, about 2,5 kilometers to return to Kring .

"The trail passes through a landscape typical of this area of ​​Istria and that the vast majority of the route is driven by roads covered with vegetation, which makes it suitable for driving in the summer months. Also, regarding the connection with other existing bicycle paths, it should be noted that this path is designed in a way that connects the paths of the municipalities: Kanfanar (271,273), Sv. Lovreč (616) and Tinjan (615) and thus the interior with the coast, since the trails of Sv. Lovreč and Kanfanar are connected with the trails of Rovinj (201) and Vrsar (174)", Said Kantaruti.

The arrangement and marking of the new bicycle path was financed by the Central Istria Tourist Board, with co-financing from the Municipality of Tinjan and the Istria County Tourism Board. Namely, TZSI applied for the public call Program for Encouraging Tourist Events, Projects and Products in Less Developed Areas in 2021, which was announced by the Board of Tourism IZ in March 2021, and for which it was approved HRK 11.000,00 , ie almost 50% of the total value of marking the same.page1image3717024page1image3717440

As she pointed out Nada Prodan Mrakovic, head of the Board of Tourism of the Istrian County, is a project that aims to strengthen the position of central Istria as an attractive destination for active holidays, cycling and enjoying untouched nature.

"Additional facilities, such as bike paths, contribute to the satisfaction of the guest, who has met the basic and additional conditions in the outdoor segment. According to her, the project contributes to the tourist offer of the Municipality of Tinjan and central Istria, and thus to a higher level of competitiveness and recognizability of the destination on the national and tourist market of the surrounding countries. Additional outdoor content will enrich the tourist offer in a less developed tourist area, such as the TZSI, which is the goal of the public invitation to the meal, which co-financed the celebration of this bike path.", Said Prodan Mraković and added that a study on the development of cycling tourism in the County of Istria is underway, which aims to offer a model of quality management in the destination.

"The study deals with the question of how to further improve and qualitatively and sustainably develop cycling tourism in the County of Istria.", Concluded Prodan Mraković.

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