Marina Šćiran: There is an increasing demand in the off-season, which is a signal for us to create additional outdoor-based content

How to extend the season? The main ingredient is content.

Author  Goran Rihelj

29. May 2024.

How to extend the season? They know in Novalja on the island of Pag. The main ingredient is content, quality and authentic content. 

In Ručica bay, not far from Novalja, with a view of the most famous trail, Life On Mars Trail, we thought aloud and talked about the multiple award-winning Pag Outdoor project with the director of the TZ of the city of Novalja, Marina Šćiran.

In my opinion, this is the best outdoor project in Croatia. So the whole story about the Pag Outdoor project was the main topic and how the project just extended the pre- and post-season.

Otherwise, the project Pag Outdoor I've been following since the beginning, and recently the program for this year was announced - Pag Summer Outdoor 2024, which lasts from April to the end of September. This is how the pre- and post-season develops. What is crucial is that it has clear timetables and locations - and not ad hoc or one-time events, so that everyone can be organized, both tourists and visitors as well as agencies.  



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It is important to emphasize that all tours are led by professional and educated local guides and DMC agency Sunturist. That is the only formula for success. 

Interesting and relaxed shooting at a location that is the center of the Pag Outdoor project. An improvised studio for a real outdoor atmosphere, while we are talking about the extension of the season, numerous tourists pass by and across the street: from families with children, groups, young people and professional athletes... precisely thanks to the tourist product Life On Mars Trail.

The product became famous through the famous race, but since the track is available all year round, it is the same training ground for getting to know Pag all year round.

Otherwise, the track Life on Mars has just received an extension, i.e. the new section Žigljen - Metajna. (Life On Mars 2).

On Saturday 25.05.2024. a new section of the LIFE ON MARS 2 route Žigljen - Metajna was opened. The track is ideal for the pre- and post-season period, for active individuals or guided groups and not recommended for families with children or beginners in mountaineering. The length of the track is 10 km, but a shorter section of 7 km with an exit to the town of Zuboviće is also possible. Mountaineering equipment, adequate footwear and clothing, minimum 1 liter of liquid, food, hat, sunglasses, cream with UV factor are mandatory.

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The path is marked with hiking markings and the required time for the walking tour is between 3-4 hours, while the difficulty of the path is medium/demanding. Parking vehicles can be parked at the very starting point as well as at the exit, given that the path is not circular, i.e. it does not return to the starting point. location.

Marina Šćiran: There is an increasing demand outside of the season, which is a signal for us to create additional outdoor-based content

Although there are many lessons that we can draw from the narrative and examples of the development of the Pag Outdoor project, I would like to point out two very important ones on this occasion. The first, as Šćiran pointed out, is that it is all up to us as a destination, what messages we send to tourists. because we are the best and main narrators of our tourist story and development. It's all up to us. 

Another fact is that Pag Outdoor is a sustainable project, i.e. how it justified its primary goal - strengthening before and after the season. Which means that the market has recognized it and that the market is looking for such contents. 

"It is always up to us what we will offer and how we will present our offer to the guests. The guests will consume it more. Young people who come to Zrća. These are worldly people who live in big cities and countries and of course, apart from the offer itself at Zrća some other elements of culture, gastronomy and outdoor activities are also of interest. Again, it is up to us to communicate with all tourism stakeholders, from clubs, hotels, agencies that bring young guests, so that such an offer can be presented to the guests.

We have a very good one feedback from hotels, and especially from agencies, who in the breakthrough year of the corona virus were increasingly looking for such facilities. Because there was a moment when we didn't know how we were going to do that season, given that 50% of our traffic comes from Zrće, and the other 50% is actually family tourism. Even though most of the tourist image on the outside looks like Novalja contains the largest part of tourist traffic through young guests. But that picture changes from year to year, just as arrivals by month also change from year to year.

For the first time in 2023, we had a complete shift compared to 2001, which was a record year. So in 2023, we had higher record numbers in the months of April, May and June, as well as September and October. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for the pre- and post-season, which is ideal for us to create additional content on the base outdoors. " Šćiran stated. 

Listen to the entire thinking aloud in the attachment. 

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Author  Goran Rihelj

29. May 2024.