Međimurje was awarded the prestigious prize for sustainability - Green Destinations

Međimurje County was awarded the prestigious silver award for sustainability - Green Destinations, during the world's leading tourist expo "ITB Ber...

Author  Goran Rihelj

7. March 2023.

Međimurje County was awarded a prestigious silver award for sustainability - Green Destinations, during the world's leading tourist expo "ITB Berlin". 

Međimurje County takes this step forward in terms of strengthening the station's competitiveness first region with a silver award in Croatia and the fourth in the world to receive this certification. It is important to emphasize that it is not about one destination or city, but about the region, i.e. the entire county. 

The prize is awarded, as mentioned before, by an internationally recognized non-profit organization Green Destinations ( GD ) which aims to improve the sustainable development of destinations and tourism stakeholders and to promote their recognition on a global level.

"The Tourist Board of Međimurje County, in cooperation with the County and stakeholders from the commercial, public and non-governmental sectors, has been actively working for the last six months on the prerequisites for receiving this valuable award, which proved the high level of sustainable tourism offers to destinations", said the director of the Tourist Board of Međimurje County Rudi Grula, adding that this strategy of tourist development in Međimurje is important for the whole of Croatia and its continental tourism.

Medimurje is the first region in Croatia with the prestigious green destination 14 1 award

Medimurje is the first region in Croatia with the prestigious green destination 24 1 award

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Certification brings a number of benefits, from increasing visibility on the tourist market, including Međimurje in world guides and presentations at major tourist fairs, which strengthens competitiveness, to developing innovative ecological solutions, achieving lower operating costs in tourism and more satisfied guests.

"This great recognition came as a result of effort, work, commitment of all residents of Međimurje. This is a reward for all those who tirelessly and devotedly take care of the orderliness of their homeland, environmental protection, preservation of natural and cultural values. Međimurje is the green cradle of Croatian sustainable tourism, all our tourism development strategies are aimed at sustainability, promotion of rich natural values ​​between Mura and Drava, revitalization of cultural heritage, our history, quality of enogastronomy and local products, and everything that gives a strong identity of Međimurje. With this valuable recognition, it was recognized by the profession at the world level" said the prefect of Međimurje County Matija Posavec

"A lot of effort has been invested to achieve this level of quality and recognition, and we will strive to remain a successful example of good practice," Grula concluded. 

During the next two years, Međimurje County has the right to use the acquired marks, after which the reevaluation process awaits it again. 

The Green Destinations Standard is a tool for measuring, monitoring and improving the sustainability profile of destinations and regions. Destinations around the world can adapt their sustainability management systems and operations to the requirements of the Green Destinations standard. It consists of 84 criteria (75 mandatory, 9 optional), which cover the following 6 main topics: destination management, nature and landscape, environment and climate, culture and tradition, social well-being, and work and communication.

Medimurje is the first region in Croatia with the prestigious green destination 6 1 award

The first version of the Green Destinations standard (2016) originates from the QualityCoast standard (launched in 2010) and is inspired by internationally recognized standards such as ETIS, ISO 14001, EMAS and the Global Reporting Initiative.

After achieving "endorsement" by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) in 2016, the 2020 GD standard has been updated based on revised GSTC destination criteria and public consultation with stakeholders. The process of development, application and recognition of GSTC standards is overseen by the Green Destinations Standards Committee - a group of representatives, auditors and other members of the Green Destinations Partnership.

Green destinations is one of the most recognizable certificates at the moment, and so far 80 countries and over 200 destinations have entered the certification system. It enjoys extremely high recognition of the quality of partners and tourists around the world, and develops sustainable and responsible tourism according to the principles of the United Nations and the goals of the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism.

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Author  Goran Rihelj

7. March 2023.