NP Krka signed a contract with the fire brigades of Šibenik-Knin County


24. June 2022.

Yesterday in Šibenik, a Cooperation Agreement was signed with representatives of DVDs and JVPs with the Krka National Park with the aim of protecting natural values ​​of the highest category.

Fire protection is one of the basic determinants of the Ordinance on the protection and preservation of the Krka National Park, which is also contained in all other strategic documents that determine the operation of the Krka National Park Public Institution. Therefore, measures and preparatory activities for prevention and active fire protection are taken every year.

Representatives of voluntary fire brigades Skradin, Dubravice, Sv. Juraj, Ervenik, Promina and Drniš and the public fire brigades Knin and Šibenik signed a cooperation agreement with the director of the Public Institution "Krka National Park" for the 2022 firefighting season.

The contract stipulates that for each DVD and JVP, a fire department will be organized for the purpose of performing firefighting activities and extinguishing fires in the area of ​​NP "Krka", to establish increased duty in days of very high risk of open fires and adverse weather conditions and provide monitoring and reporting service at key points.

Signing contract

The public institution "Krka National Park" takes special care of fire protection.

Everything is great until an accident happens. That is why preparation, plan, program of action and prevention is imperative and it is never a cost but an investment. 

Thus, the Krka National Park annually adopts the Program of Activities in the Implementation of Special Fire Protection Measures, the Monitoring and Reporting Service Plan and the Monitoring, Guarding and Patrol Plan, which prescribe in detail fire protection measures in the field, with emphasis on the period from 1 June to October 1.

As part of the activities outlined in these plans, fire-fighting paths are being cleaned and arranged, low vegetation and cut grass are being removed, footpaths are being maintained and fire-fighting equipment is being certified. During the fire season, there is a specially organized monitoring and reporting service in the field.

"The help of fire services and voluntary fire brigades in places around the Park is extremely important to us. This year, for the first time, we were joined by representatives of JVP Knin and JVP Šibenik, whom we welcome, and the signing of the contract was supported by the Commander of the Fire Brigade of Šibenik-Knin County", Said the director of the Public Institution" Krka National Park "Nella Slavica and added:"We thank all the firefighters for their selfless contribution and wish them a peaceful firefighting season."

Photo: NP Krka


24. June 2022.