Public consultation for the second Public Call for Tourism Infrastructure within the NPOO has been published


11. June 2022.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports has started the process of e-consultation with the interested public regarding Public call for grants - C1.6. R1-I2 - Strengthening the competitiveness of entrepreneurs te encouraging the green and digital transition of the tourism sector.

The call encourages investments of more added value of entrepreneurs, which will contribute to the development of sustainable tourism through green and digital transition and encourage the recovery and resilience of entrepreneurs in the entire value chain of tourism.

The purpose of the call is to encourage environmentally friendly investments and resource efficiency, especially those in less developed tourism areas, increase resilience and productivity of enterprises, as well as better market positioning through innovation and digital technologies, including the transformation of private renters into entrepreneurs.

In this way, it encourages the reduction of the effects of excessive tourism in the most developed tourist areas, sustainable and low-carbon growth of high quality tourism in less developed tourist areas and strengthening social sustainability by increasing employment in local communities.

 "Our goal was to direct as much money as possible to entrepreneurs, so 60 percent of the total amount planned for tourism within the NPOO, or 1,25 billion kuna is intended directly for investments in the private sector. Of that, is intended for high value-added investment projects such as accommodation facilities and accompanying facilities such as theme and amusement parks and other innovative facilities in tourism, which will truly transform Croatia into a year-round tourist destination.", She pointed out Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac and added that all interested entrepreneurs will be able to apply for the Public Call under equal conditions, but also that the criterion for selecting projects will be their quality and readiness for implementation.  since the deadline for using the funds is the end of 2025.                

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The public call is divided into 3 groups:

  • Group 1: Development of environmentally friendly tourism products, resource efficiency and green and digital transition, which includes construction, reconstruction, renovation and / or equipping of infrastructure. Value of the planned allocation: HRK 1,02 billion,
  • Group 2: Green and digital transition of small renters and their transformation into entrepreneurs in tourism and hospitality, which means encouraging entrepreneurship in tourism through the transformation of existing renters into entrepreneurs. Value of the planned allocation: HRK 50 million, 
  • Group 3: Encouraging networking activities in innovation clusters and activities for introducing product and service innovations, process innovations and business organization innovations in companies in the tourism industry and related activities in the entire tourism value chain. Value of the planned allocation: HRK 180 million.

Eligible applicants under the public call, depending on the group, are micro, small, medium and large enterprises, existing renters or a group of existing renters and legal entities (micro, small, medium and large enterprises) leading an innovation cluster in the tourism value chain. 

The amount of aid intensity of an individual project will be determined in accordance with the rules for granting state aid in accordance with the Program for granting state aid for investments in the tourism sector, which accompanies this public call.

Consultation with the interested public is open until June 27, 2022. 

More detailed information related to the proposal of the Public Call for Grants - C1.6. R1-I2 - Strengthening the competitiveness of entrepreneurs and encouraging the green and digital transition of the tourism sector can be found at: 

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11. June 2022.