Entrepreneurs dissatisfied with meeting and proposals

On Monday, another meeting of several ministers was held with representatives of entrepreneurs and caterers to agree on compensation or compensatory economic measures, those most affected by the latter ...

Another meeting of several ministers with representatives of entrepreneurs and caterers was held on Monday to agree on compensation or compensatory economic measures, those most affected by recent measures to curb the spread of the epidemic.

How it transmits H1 television, Minister Zdravko Marić said after the meeting with entrepreneurs that he would further problematize the so-called COVID loans and will do everything to speed up procedures. Currently, he said, they have 1,3 billion kuna for those loans.

"On the one hand, they are already known measures for preserving jobs, and that is 4000 kuna per employee. On the other hand, one topic that was opened in the spring, these are the so-called covid-loans. The third part is that we would go into compensation and cover either part or completely fixed costs - utilities. Including some additional ones - HRT fee is paid, monument rent, ZAMP is paid", Maric pointed out and added that he will focus on December. “The decline in revenue compared to the same period last year will be seen. All those who achieve a drop in income of more than 70 percent to qualify. After a 60 percent drop, there will be a certain gradation of what percentage of fixed costs will be covered. That part will be communicated through the tax administration, through the e-tax system. Payment will be made on proven invoices for fixed costs through the Employment Service ", said Maric.  

Entrepreneurs came out of the meeting dissatisfied

We are more shaken than satisfied with today's conversation, he pointed out Vedran Jakominić from the Catering Committee of the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association, and added that although the epidemiological situation may not be clear, the economic one is very clear. "There is a reason why we are at the bottom of the EU, we will leave it there. The measures that have been adopted are the minimum to put out the media fire, but I am afraid that they are the result of PR action. Faith in a better tomorrow has not been achieved. The measures go exclusively to jobs at risk of closure, not to those at risk of lack of economic activity. As a caterer and entrepreneur I can say that I am afraid", He said Jakominić.

Photo: UGP

"They do not know what will happen next, they are not prepared. It's very difficult for me. I don’t really see the light at the end of the tunnel and I don’t see that we will be able to survive with the highest taxes in the long run", Said the president of the National Association of Caterers Marin Medak and added that other states have reduced taxes. “Minister Marić does not want to talk about it and I appeal to the Prime Minister to rule in our favor ", Medak added, saying current measures were not enough.

A peaceful protest was held today in front of the Ministry of Finance in Zagreb by many entrepreneurs, who lit lanterns in front of the ministry as a symbolic message that many companies are shutting down and asking the Government for concrete help.

"The proposals offered by the Government of the Republic of Croatia may make sense for them, however, in reality they do not solve the problems of entrepreneurs. I think it is wrong that they offered measures only for those who are imprisoned. My view is that they should have proposed a solution for all entrepreneurs and artisans affected by the COVID-19 virus pandemic. In addition, I must point out that these proposals do not solve problems such as the accumulated goods in the warehouse, and I also point out that most of our costs relate to the state. I must say that the minimum was offered and that the Government did not look deeply into the problem”Added Jakominić.


If not all entrepreneurs are helped with a big drop, many companies will fail, and the unemployed will soon be counted probably in the tens of thousands, point out the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association and emphasize that measures to preserve early jobs are measures for workers and that business costs are much higher. .

Short-term measures are not adequate, and a long-term reform plan does not exist at all, he said Hrvoje Bujas, president of the Voice of Entrepreneurs association, and added that they were dissatisfied and that they had given clear and well-argued proposals, which are in the interest of Croatia.

"It is not just about caterers, other activities such as gyms are closed, there are also activities that are not closed, but have a significant drop in traffic. It is necessary to compensate them. Our proposal is that all entrepreneurs who have a drop in turnover of more than 50 percent compared to last year receive a fee of 80 percent of last year's turnover., said Maruša Stamać from the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association for N1.

The UGP points out that they welcome some parts of the proposals put forward by the ministers, such as HAMAG-BICRO's new Covid loans for entrepreneurs, but that they had higher expectations from the meeting with the Government.

"One of the proposals is the compensation of fixed costs, but only for closed activities. We believe that all affected activities with a large drop in turnover must be compensated, regardless of whether they are formally closed or have a large drop due to the whole situation. What about the event industry, occasional carriers, travel agencies and all activities related to those that are closed? Are we going to let them fail? They are also the responsibility of the Government, which again has not reached a solution for all affected entrepreneurs”Point out from the UGP and emphasize that one of their proposals was a temporary reduction of VAT on the affected activities. “We believe that it is necessary to reduce VAT to 13%, in order to encourage consumption. We emphasize that this move would facilitate the business of all entrepreneurs in the affected activities such as catering and other services. Almost all European Union countries have done that, and we expect Croatia to do the same”Conclude from UGP.

Source / Photo: N1 Television screenshot, Voice of Entrepreneurs Association


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