Invitation to participate in the development of the Karlovac County Apiturism Development Strategy

Karlovac County becomes the first county in the Republic of Croatia to recognize the development of apiturism as a strategic priority.


January 26, 2024

The Association of Rural Tourism of Croatia, in cooperation with the Croatian Apitherapy Society, is making Strategy for the development of apiturism in Karlovac County and invites stakeholders, citizens, to actively participate in the analysis of the current situation, which lasts until January 31, 2024.

The strategy is being developed in cooperation with the Regional Tourist Board of Karlovac County with the support of the Croatian Tourist Board for the period to 2028. and represents the first such initiative in the Republic of Croatia.

Data for the analysis of the current situation are collected through questionnaires, field visits, requests for information and related research. 

Questionnaires were sent to over 500 e-mail addresses of catering establishments, including private renters, tourist boards, holders of tourist attractions, travel agencies and guides, souvenir shops, kindergartens and schools, and county and city institutions and institutions. 

Questionnaires collect information about the use and use of honey, attitudes about the development of apiturism and interest in inclusion so that the Strategy is based on real needs local communities.

Special questionnaires were created for beekeepers' associations and beekeepers to collect data on the state of beekeeping in Karlovac County, challenges and interest in the development of apitourism offers. 

"Even if an individual beekeeper or beekeeper is not directly interested in apiturism or apitherapy, their opinions are important to us because they may have the opportunity to participate in the implementation of the Strategy in some other way. For example, it may be easier to market their honey or honey products to caterers or institutions that decide to increase the use of honey from Karlovac County. At the same time, the responses of all other stakeholders are also important to us, especially citizens, because the activities and budget of the Strategy will be developed according to their needs.", she pointed out Aleksandra Kuratko Pani, head of the Croatian Rural Tourism Association.  

In addition to the questionnaires, the producers conducted field visits to beekeepers who provide apituristic services and sent a number of requests for the delivery of data to competent institutions at the state level and in Karlovac County, which they thank for their cooperation.

Photo: Croatian Rural Tourism Association Photo: Croatian Rural Tourism Association

The purpose of creating a strategy

The purpose of creating the Strategy is to analyze the conditions and opportunities for the further development of apiturism in Karlovac County, to identify realistic market opportunities, to define the vision and mission of development, strategic goals and guidelines, and to create an optimal action plan for its implementation, all with the aim of responsible and optimal valorization and use of apituristic potential as a prerequisite for the sustainable development of the destination. 

By adopting this Strategy, Karlovac County becomes the first county in the Republic of Croatia to recognize the development of apiturism as a strategic priority with the aim of effectively connecting agriculture and tourism and enriching its tourist offer.


The developers of this strategy are the Croatian Rural Tourism Association together with external collaborators and an associated partner Croatian Apitherapy Society for the client - the Regional Tourist Board of Karlovac County. For the purposes of developing the Strategy, information will be collected through questionnaires, office research, field recording, and meetings and consultations with a number of relevant stakeholders, as well as directly from other institutions. 

In addition to institutions, the Association will cooperate with beekeepers and beekeeping associations, providers of catering, tourist and other related services, tourist associations, LAGs and other local associations, and other stakeholders from the area of ​​Karlovac County in the process of developing the Strategy. It is expected that the participatory method of developing the Strategy and the networking of stakeholders will have a positive effect on its implementation with the aim of sustainable development of Karlovac County.

Strategy makers

The Croatian Rural Tourism Association is a national professional association that brings together service providers in special forms of tourism in rural areas, tourist boards, academic institutions, LAGs and other local associations and private individuals from all over the Republic of Croatia. The association deals with advocacy, promotion of rural tourism, drafting of strategic documents, education and networking, while developing and maintaining partnership relations with a number of stakeholders at all levels. You can find more about the association at

The Croatian Apitherapy Society is a professional association that actively develops and promotes modern beekeeping, apitherapy, apitourism, apipedagogy and apiculture in accordance with the scientifically proven positive properties of bee products and the highest professional standards. HAD uses a trademark registered with the State Institute for Intellectual Property, which highlights trained providers of apitherapy and apitourism services and beekeeping products and processed products produced in accordance with legal regulations in order to protect consumers and users of services. You can find more about the Croatian Apitherapy Society at

Photo: Croatian Rural Tourism Association


January 26, 2024