An application with educational trails on the island of Rab - Rab Archaeological Traces was presented

On Rab, the island of sports, the mobile application Rab Archaeological Traces was presented. It is an application that in a fun and educational way combines three educational paths that stretch through ...

On Rab, the island of sports, the mobile application Rab Archaeological Traces was presented. 

It is an application that in a fun and educational way combines three educational trails that stretch through Kampor (trail Capo Front), Lopar Epario) and Supetarska Draga Frux). Using the application, it is possible to pass 34 info points rich in interesting facts about the hitherto unexplored natural and cultural heritage of the island - archaeological, sacral and ethnographically significant sites or areas. 

The application is a kind of upgrade of the project of the same name initiated within the program direction 27 neighborhoods - Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture. In the first phase of the project, which was presented to the public in June this year, educational trails were arranged, while in the second phase an interactive mobile application was developed as a guide for individual exploration of the island or as an aid during guided tours. 

The application combines navigation, augmented reality (virtual characters), audio and video content, various interesting facts, question marks, games and AR photography, and has built-in statistics and a reward system. By bike or on foot, with the app, one can explore a 40-kilometer-long educational trail with more than 30 archeological, sacral and ethnographic sites hidden in pristine island landscapes.

 "In a simple, understandable and entertaining way, the millennial cultural heritage of the island was presented, which until now was largely unknown even to the people of Rab. - archaeologists Ana Konestra and Ranko Starc and the company PokloniMe, which was the contractor of the application. Although we could not have foreseen the current pandemic, it seems that the project came at the right time because it opens opportunities for active, interdisciplinary, educational, and most importantly, safe way to spend free time or vacation in beautiful, clean and preserved nature., she said Tonka Kavran, director of the Lopar Cultural Center and project manager Rab Archaeological (T) races.

Lovers of nature and active life can choose whether the trails Rab Archaeological (T) races pass on foot or by bike, and are adapted for almost all ages.

"The content of the application is adapted to users of different interests, children, adults, recreationists and athletes, archeology lovers and those who want to know more. It presents and valorizes the archeological heritage, but also the beautiful landscapes of Rab. We believe, as evidenced by previous experiences, that this project will be a motive for the arrival on the island of many guests from Croatia and abroad and an invitation to the local population to experience the Rab trails from a different perspective, " said Katarina Ribarić, director of the Rab Open University and a member of the project team.

In addition to navigation and information about the sites themselves, the application also provides a number of interesting facts, legends and stories related to the island and life on it. With many positive reactions and great media interest, the project was especially embraced by the islanders.

"We received interesting and attractive content that combines cultural and one of the fastest growing forms of tourism - active tourism. Also, research on hitherto unexplored archaeological sites has been encouraged, and thus we are creating the preconditions for their protection. And finally, one of the greatest values ​​of this project is education, especially of the local population about the wealth that our island has, because only when the local population understands what we have, they will begin to appreciate their island even more, " said Luka Perčinić, marketing manager of Rab Tourist Board and member of the project team.

The application is not available on Google Play and the App Store in Croatian and English, and its upgrade for German and Italian has been announced for next year. 

Photo: TZ Rab


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