The story behind the visual identity of the House of Art Arsen, a new great cultural and creative story of Šibenik

With the completion of the renovation of the hall of the former Odeon cinema and its transformation into a new city public space intended for music and stage events, cinema screenings, theater performances, exhibitions and conferences, Šibenik got a new ...

With the completion of the renovation of the former Odeon cinema hall and its transformation into a new city public space intended for music and stage events, cinema screenings, theater performances, exhibitions and conferences, Šibenik got a new excellent quality space that will surely breathe new rhythm into the city.

JU Tvrđava kulture Šibenik is involved in the completion of the adaptation project together with the city, and the Institution is also entrusted with the future management of the renovated hall. It is the Šibenik Fortress of Culture that has proposed a name that pays tribute to one of the greatest artists of recent Croatian history: academic musician, individual and intellectual, composer, singer-songwriter, painter, arranger, translator, silent craftsman and poet of general practice, Šibenik musician and artistic genius - Arsen Dedić

After the space was renamed at the beginning of the year - Arsen House of Art, Šibenik Fortress of Culture (which was given the management of the space) announced a call for a visual identity whose recognizability, originality and modernity will reflect the purpose of the space and program content. towards customers, partners and the public.

According to the Šibenik Fortress of Culture, the work of the author's team was selected from as many as 33 applicants Plac Studio. Behind the name are two creatives from Zagreb - Roko Jurjević and Ivan Klanac - better known to most as Roko and Klanac.

We perceive Šibenik as a city rich in history, culture and, above all, inspiring people, the authors point out and add "We started a discussion about what the Arsen House of Art is and what kind of identity could be developed. We presented the project task to a friend and fellow designer Aleksandar Obrenović, with whom we started further elaboration. We were guided by proposing a quality and applicable solution and in some way paying tribute to Arsen and the people of Šibenik, whom he represented through his artistic work. "

The authors of the paper also emphasized that the process always begins with a conversation that very quickly grows into ideas that are later transferred to paper (or screen) and continue to grow and develop. As the design process is complex and different for everyone, they point out that Arsen's music accompanied them through this one, and it took about a month from idea to realization.

"We are aware of the greatness of the character and work of Arsen Dedić, the influence he had on Šibenik, Croatia and even the world. To this day, our parents keep his records and tapes, and one of us even had a chance to meet him. We really researched everything, from Arsen's music and poetry, his first designed single, to the history of Šibenik and the former Odeon cinema. Somewhere in the middle, when we already had the concept sketches, we reached for the project task again to match the concept to the needs.. At the end of the process, we reviewed everything we had prepared and finalized only what we were completely satisfied with and what we think met all the criteria. And what we have chosen you have the opportunity to see in the final solution"" Say Roko Jurjevic and Ivan Klanac.

The author duo believes that every visual identity must largely reflect space and what happens in it, and that it is inconceivable that space, whether public or private, is not visually thought out and connected to what it represents. During the process of working on the solution, it became clear what message they want to convey with a visual identity - In this case, Arsen is an artist and educator who attracts the audience to himself, and the space that bears his name has an open door for everyone..

The intention of the House of Art Arsen is to gather, to be a place for performances, conferences and workshops, and the visual code that emphasizes openness should help to become a recognizable place in Šibenik, but also in Croatia.

This is exactly what the biggest challenge in the project is related to - finding a creative solution that would meet the character and work of Arsen Dedić and a multimedia gathering space, or merging the tradition represented by Arsen and the future of space.

Finally, the authors emphasize how design essentially problem solving so it is critically observed that way. “Has a particular design solved the problem of visibility and brand recognition as such? If, if you have noticed and remembered it, the problem has been solved and the designer has done his task properly together with the client"

Photo: Šibenik Fortress of Culture

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