Ecomuseum Bistra project in the function of destination branding

As Ivana Alilović, director of the Zagreb Tourist Board, points out, there are several different keys to successful branding of a destination, but perhaps the most important thing is to combine them optimally, according to the specifics of each destination. It's definitely ...

As he points out Ivana Alilović, Director of the Zagreb Tourist Board, there are several different keys to successful branding of a destination, but perhaps the most important thing is to optimally combine them, according to the specifics of each destination. Certainly the key is to connect tourist products and the emphasis is always on authentic content, traditional culture and experience.

Project Ecomuseum Bistra For which we remind you, on February 15, 2021, a Grant Agreement was signed as part of the Call for Proposals in the direct grant award procedure for the strategic project "Renovation of the old school building and cultural and tourist revitalization through the ITU mechanism - ECOMUSEUM BISTRA", The tourist board puts the whole destination in the function of branding.


The goal of the Ecomuseum Bistra project is the renovation and reconstruction of the old school building in Poljanica Bistranska and its conversion into a modern and well-equipped cultural and tourist center. The building of the old school in Poljanica Bistranska is an individually protected cultural property, entered in the Register of Cultural Heritage under number Z-6513. It was built in 1877/78. and is one of the few preserved school buildings from that period in the Zagreb County, which has largely retained recognizable features, including floor plan, structural elements, exterior design, as well as parts of the interior, and in addition to architectural, has a great cultural and historical value.

“Namely, there are no two identical destinations, so it is important to really understand the needs and comparative advantages of the destination so that we can work on strengthening them and build the perception of tourists on them. At the same time, one should be intuitive, as well as continuously think about the essence of the destination and its uniqueness, which we can connect into a complete offer of the destination and build promotional campaigns on them using tempting and powerful visuals and messages, in order to attract tourists.", Said the director Alilović, referring to the project of the Ecomuseum Bistra in the function of branding Zagreb County.

"In today's times, we certainly face many challenges in terms of building sustainable, smart and responsible tourism. As if restructuring tourism from mass to smart tourism is not challenging in itself, a global crisis of unprecedented proportions has occurred, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, which has certainly shaken the way it works in all sectors, including tourism. In addition, the effects and consequences of the current mass tourism, seasonality of the offer, increasing the quality of work and life for tourism, preservation of the environment and heritage, are the key challenges for the development of tourism in Zagreb County. That is why it is important to continuously build and brand a destination that will be able to follow trends and trends on a global level in all parameters, in such a way that with a few modifications it can quickly and agilely adapt to the new situation. Trends are constantly changing, so we need to be agile and proactive, ” Alilović concludes, emphasizing the importance of every project implemented in the destination.

As for the opportunity, they should be recognized in new trends and demand of tourists, but also in the specifics of the destination, starting from historical, natural and cultural heritage to sports, gastronomy, wine, health and wellness offer of the destination. Namely, adapting to these new trends and demands of tourists are opportunities for further development and branding of the destination.

Future layout of the attic space for workshops Photo: Zagreb County Tourist Board

"Sharing knowledge, best practices with relevant international partners, as well as national, regional and local partners is key to destination brand strengthening activities", is the conclusion of the Zagreb County Tourist Board.

For this purpose, the activities of the Zagreb County Tourist Board in projects co-financed from European Union funds are certainly important, one of which is the Ecomuseum Bistra project by the Municipality of Bistra and partners of the Ecomuseum Bistra Association and the Zagreb County Tourist Board. It is a project that will ensure a sustainable model of heritage resource management and will establish a new tourist destination whose offer will be based on expert interpretation of cultural and natural heritage, with special emphasis on traditional culture and local customs and products.

Cover photo: Screenshot web of the Zagreb County Tourist Board

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