The first regional conference on the Chinese tourism market - key solutions to access the largest market in the world

We recently published a report: Marketing to the Chinese Outbound Tourism Market - An Inside Look, produced by Joanne Chan of IPPWORLD, as an “insider” look at the Chinese tourism market. Just organized ...

We recently published a report: Marketing towards the Chinese outbound tourism market - An inside look, produced by Joanne Chan of IPPWORLD, as an “insider” look at the Chinese tourism market.

Organized by ProConcpet, Joanne Chan from IPPWORLD is coming to Zagreb 1. Regional Conference on the Chinese Tourism Market - Key Solutions to Access the Largest Market in the World, which will be held on March 14, 2019 at the Academia Hotel in Zagreb. 

Some of the topics to which the conference will provide answers are:

  • comparison of the Chinese tourist market and Chinese tourists that we know and meet today in Croatia and the region, and the real market that we have yet to come
  • profile of the Chinese tourism market - an inside look
  • case studies from the Croatian market
  • key steps in strategic planning of performance in the Chinese market
  • and most importantly, and that is direct contact with experienced connoisseurs of the Chinese tourism market and their answers to your specific questions.

Find out first hand the following useful information and knowledge:

  • China - the largest outbound tourist market in the world.
  • Rising number of middle-class Chinese tourists - the world's largest middle-class category is located in China, numbering more than 400 million Chinese (out of a total of 1,4 billion).
  • Chinese tourists make up 20% of the world tourist market. Every fifth tourist in the world is from China!
  • Chinese tourists are the biggest consumers!
  • How the Chinese plan their trip - by word of mouth from friends and family.
  • China - the world’s first nation to use mobile apps - BUT Western apps and social networks, such as FB, YouTube, Twitter, Quora, are BANNED AND BLOCKED by China’s Great Firewall. How to promote yourself in the Chinese market?
  • What should tourism and hospitality companies do to promote themselves in the Chinese market?
    • Translate your website, brand and marketing content into Chinese, including the hotel reservation system.
    • Start marketing and advertising on Chinese applications and social networks.
  • Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. This is followed by Spanish and English.
  • As with any content marketing, the content must be written or translated correctly. The same goes for Chinese content. Unable to use google translate.
  • The Chinese language version of content for marketing and branding must speak the tone of the brand, it must create visual images in the minds of the Chinese audience.
  • For Chinese tourists, the first priority, before making a final purchase decision, is to visit the destination’s website. If the website and reservation system do not have a Chinese language option, they will leave the website.

The conference is intended for owners and managers of tourist or catering facilities, creative online marketing agencies, market communication experts, managers of public institutions, national parks, and especially directors of tourist boards, travel agencies and agencies that organize trips and other types of experiences, shops, shopping centers.

The number of places is limited, and early registration lasts until February 25.02.2019, XNUMX.

Preliminary program as well as how to apply, the first regional conference on the Chinese tourism market - the key solutions to access the largest market in the world, you can find in the attachment.

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