Time travel is possible with Zagreb Time Travel - the first VR and AR digital tourist tour

The first digital Zagreb tourist tour was launched in the area of ​​the Technology Park Zagreb, which presents the offer and sights of the city to tourists as a journey through time, with the help of modern extended technologies (AR) ...

The first digital Zagreb tourist tour was launched in the Zagreb Technology Park, which presents the city's offer and sights to tourists as a journey through time, with the help of modern augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies.

During the tour, visitors will witness the intertwining of the city's past and present with the help of a tablet that becomes their "Time Machine" and allows tourists to peek into the past through a "digital window" and see otherwise invisible urban legends and historical events.

Gemification is the future recognized by the world's largest companies, including the Zagreb Time Travel team. As part of this application, tourists will collect points by solving historical questions and interesting puzzles while learning about the city through the game. Guides through the city in the first tour are famous women from the history of Zagreb (Manda, Mrs. Šenoa, godmother Barica, witch Barica Cindek, writer Marija Jurić Zagorka, literary character Dora Krupićeva, Black Queen, etc.). Also, they will be able to find out many interesting facts about the city and take attractive photos with historical figures and unique Zagreb backgrounds that they can share on their social networks and thus become promoters of our city.

The press conference was led by the most famous godmother from Dolac - Barica and the most famous Zagreb writer - Marija Jurić Zagorka. For this occasion, they 'came to life', as befits the presentation of an application that revives the history of the city. “This project aims to show how creativity can be achieved in Croatia with creativity, dedicated work and effort, and that one should believe in one's dreams and success will not be lacking.”Said the founder of Zagreb Time Travel, Kata Barišić, a successful long-term entrepreneur and owner of the PokloniMe web shop.

The project won an award in 2016 as part of Startup Factory Zagreb, and was recognized and co-financed by the Zagreb Tourist Board. Also, he won the first prize in the category "Entrepreneurship" within the competition # MojZabaStart2017, as well as the public award, which made us especially happy. “After Zagreb we plan to design routes for other Croatian and world cities”Concludes Kata Barišić.

The Zagreb Time Travel application is available on a tablet, and the mobile application will offer discounts and recommendations for museums, hostels, restaurants and the like. The first tour is available in Croatian and English and can be booked at www.zagrebtimetravel.com at a price of 30Euros for up to 3 people.

Thus, Zagreb is richer for another great tourist story.


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