A combination of public and private for the purpose of promoting Ližnjan, Vodnjan and Žminj

Photo: TZ Žminj

The tourist boards of the City of Vodnjan, the Municipalities of Ližnjan and Žminj are moving to jointly promote the sightseeing of their places and their natural, historical and gastronomic features.

Although two belong to the south, and one gravitates to the interior of the peninsula, these tourist boards have recognized the benefits and even the cost-effectiveness of joint market presence and presentation to domestic and foreign guests. The result of such a way of thinking, and as the first activity is a joint promotional flyer that promotes all three tourist destinations as well as a free city tour with an expert licensed guide.

In addition to historical and cultural sights, these tourist communities jointly promote the private sector, ie catering facilities, bicycle renters, tennis club, family farms, shops, dairy, cave, wine and olive oil producers. Thus, all visitors will receive various discounts from local partners by presenting a promotional leaflet.

According to the Ližnjan, Vodnjan and Žminj Tourist Board, this form of synergy between the public and private sectors proved to be a complete success when it comes to promoting the destination and its specifics. The word about an area is still heard in this way, which is the meaning of tourist promotion.

Logically, naturally and efficiently, and I sincerely hope that this is just the beginning of joint promotion, cooperation and future new projects. Because even big cities or tourist destinations do not have enough content to keep guests for more than two or three days, not counting swimming, let alone smaller destinations in the interior.

Thus, in addition to being stronger together in every way, they have a lot more content and stories to offer guests, which will result in, among other things, a longer stay and an increase in tourist spending.

Attachment: Promotional flyer Žminj, Vodnjan and Ližnjan


By joint cooperation of three public institutions from Karlovac County to a new excellent tourist product



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