The tourist boards of the island of Hvar presented a joint brand strategy

It is the most comprehensive branding of a Croatian island, the goal of which is to connect cities and municipalities through a common story.


25. September 2023.

The tourist boards of the island of Hvar presented a joint brand strategy, slogan, visual identity and brand video.

It is the most extensive branding of a Croatian island, the goal of which is to connect cities and municipalities through a common story and present the island as a unique destination. And all this is a concrete result of the Agreement on the Association of Tourist Boards from the Island of Hvar.

Branding is the result of extensive research on the perception, potential and challenges of the island of Hvar, which included interviews with distinguished people from the fields of tourism, history and culture - from local guides, managers of public institutions and museums, to representatives of winemakers and hoteliers. Through the survey, the perception of the island's inhabitants, as well as tourists who visited Hvar, was also investigated.

This is another successful project of the internationally awarded branding agency Fabular, included in the REBRAND Hall of Fame, among the 25 best brand consultants in the world, led by Branding Strategy Director Anja Bauer, author of the protected methodology "8 ingredients that build a brand". 

Fabular's team of consultants has so far worked on the branding of numerous tourist brands and products, among which the Krapina-Zagorje County and the city of Trogir stand out, for which they received special recognition from UNESCO as a good example of destination branding.

Hvar photo author sasa cetkovic

"The challenge was to find a common denominator, that is, a relevant emotion that is unique from ancient times to today. In a series of amazing stories and peculiarities, we recognized "light" as a motif that is omnipresent on Hvar and that has always attracted people to this island seeking inspiration, beauty and pleasure. Light, as a common denominator, is drawn from the very meaning of the name of the island of Hvar, through signal fires in antiquity and the feral with which we hunt sardines, the procession For Križen, agave lace and numerous other elements throughout history - until today when the key association is the sunniest island", she pointed out Anya Bauer, owner and creative director of Fabular agency. 

Discover, follow and be the light

New slogan "Discover, follow and be the light” and the new brand story call for its discovery. The author of the new visual identity is an award-winning art director Maja Bagić Barić. The inspiration for the logo was agave lace, one of Hvar's assets inscribed on the UNESCO list of world intangible heritage. 

Hvar 3

Hvar 2 2

New project 26

"The beauty of Hvar lace is that none of it has a template, but is the product of the imagination and artistic talent of the individual lacemaker, and above all of her inspiration and patienceBauer emphasized. Regularly arranged elements spread out from the center like the rays of the sun.

The project also produced a new promotional video for the island of Hvar.

The video is special in that it shows everything that makes Hvar an island of light, from its cultural sights, the heritage left behind by many Hvar writers, artists, builders and scientists, to superb gastronomic experiences.

Welcome to Hvar, the island of light from Fable on Vimeo.


25. September 2023.