Caterers in Dalmatia join the action "5 to 12"

After the caterers of Istria and Kvarner, the action "5 to 12" is joined by caterers in and around Split. Namely, last month the Association of Caterers of Kvarner and Istria (UUKI), with ...

After the caterers of Istria and Kvarner, the action "5 to 12" is joined by caterers in and around Split.

Namely, last month the Association of Caterers of Kvarner and Istria (UUKI), with the support of the National Association of Caterers and the Association Voice of Entrepreneurs, organized peaceful protest action "5 to 12" by which they symbolically indicated that they really are 5 to 12, and to tell the responsible institutions of this country that without new steps towards saving business, businessmen, and especially caterers, will not be able to save jobs.


Now the action has been joined by caterers from Split, gathered through the Association of Caterers Split. Through action ”WE ARE CLOSING TODAY TO STAY OPEN TOMORROW!”Caterers in Split will September 24, 2020 from 11:56 to 12:56, close their facilities for an hour, in a sign of silent protest due to the extremely bad economic situation.

Today we are working to save income for 60.000 people tomorrow, emphasize the Association of Caterers Split and add that they are not asking for free money, but access to credit lines to preserve liquidity, investments and permanently real taxes, so they can consolidate business and keep the most important resource - people!

“The global coronavirus pandemic has caused a collective global lockdown, resulting in the largest recorded decline in economic activity in human history. Croatia, as an integral part of the globe, has not remained immune to this global phenomenon. Economic activity in the Republic of Croatia was lower even than during the Homeland War. Thanks to the hearing of the ruling party, the immediate collapse of the Croatian economy and the dismissals of almost 700.000 people were prevented. The adopted measures saved many jobs until the beginning of the tourist season, which bought a little time, but there is no real solution. Measures to preserve jobs saved our employees from going to the Bureau. However, they did not save the businessmen, and among them those who suffered the hardest blow of all - the occasional passenger transport, the event industry, the beauty industry, tourist guides, agencies and caterers. In an effort to maintain the level of catering offer that our guests are accustomed to coming to us, we have exhausted our resources. The announced favorable loans that the state was supposed to provide to businessmen remained towers in the air. Access to any credit line is blocked and inevitably leads to the collapse of the sector of which we are factors.”They state in their statement from the Association of Caterers Split.

According to a survey conducted by the Association of Caterers of Kvarner and Istria, as many as 80 percent of employers in the hospitality industry will be forced to cancel contracts with employees due to the decline in business. In order to preserve numerous jobs and enable further business and existence of this, but also related sectors, caterers ask the responsible authorities to suspend payment. VAT until March 01, 2021., lowering the VAT rate on food, which includes drinks, na 10% and grants through liquidity loans and investments in cooperation with HAMAG BICRO and HBOR.



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