Enjoying nature and relaxation are the most important reasons for coming to Krka National Park, the share of domestic guests and satisfaction with the offer is growing

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19. April 2024.

Visitors to the Krka National Park emphasize staying and enjoying nature and relaxed vacation as the most important reasons for coming to the Park, satisfaction with the offer in all elements is increasing, and the share of domestic visitors is also increasing.

This was shown by research conducted for the National University of Krka by the Polytechnic in Šibenik as part of a broader collaboration between the two institutions. Research entitled 'Structure and attitudes of visitors to Krka National Park', conducted in the period from August to October last year, also brought a comparison of the results compared to the research conducted in 2019.

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"This research, like the previous one, is extremely important to us, because it serves the planning of marketing activities and the development of the National Park visiting system, so we thank all our visitors who filled out the survey questionnaires. It turned out that they are truly lovers of nature, because the main reason for coming to the Park is to stay and enjoy nature, and almost eighty percent of them rated the study of flora and fauna and learning about cultural and historical heritage as an extremely important reason for coming, and that's it. which makes us extremely happy and confirms the good management direction", said the director of JU NP Krka, Nella Slavica.

For example, the neck

"We also note an increase in satisfaction with the Park's offer compared to 2019 in all analyzed elements. This, first of all, refers to the expertise and kindness of our employees, which was evaluated with the highest marks, once again confirming the excellence of the majority of the employees of our institution, to whom I hereby thank", she added.

The survey was conducted on a representative stratified sample. Its results are based on the analysis of data from 2314 questionnaires filled out by domestic and foreign visitors who visited Krka National Park in the period from August to October 2023.

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"This research is only a part of the successful long-term diverse cooperation between our two institutions. We are happy with the excellent results of the research itself, which contribute to the development of the visitor offer and the improvement of management, which means that it will also benefit our students who work, do professional practice or volunteer in NP 'Krka', where they have the opportunity to develop their skills and learn from excellent", pointed out the dean of the Polytechnic in Šibenik, Ph.D. Ljubo Runjić.

For example, the Krka canyon between the beams

In the management of the protected area, continuous monitoring and evaluation of the existing contents is necessary, along with a constant effort in maintaining the standards reached and setting new development goals. The public institution Krka National Park conducts regular surveys among visitors to the Park in various localities. 

Survey research is part of a management strategy in the form of long-term establishment of development guidelines, with special emphasis on the needs and behavior of visitors in the protected area. The new results of the visitor satisfaction survey confirm the good management of the Park, according to NP Krk.

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Photo and source: NP Krka

Author  HrTurizam.hr

19. April 2024.