Varaždin County provides non-refundable grants in tourism and especially helps travel agencies

Varaždin County has announced a public call for grants in tourism, within which a total of one million kuna will be awarded. This is the third public call, which will Varaždin ...

Varaždin County has announced Public call for grants in tourism, within which a total of one million kuna will be allocated. This is the third public call, by which Varaždin County will invest a total of more than 3 million kuna in raising the number and quality of accommodation capacity.

The president of the Varaždin County Tourist Board, Željko Bedeković, said that he was glad that the aid was being distributed for the third year in a row and pointed out that one million kuna of county aid generated investments worth eight million kuna, which shows that private investments should be encouraged. "Our holiday homes with a story" have experienced a real boom. If we compare the overnight stays realized in the same period in 2019 with the overnight stays realized in the crisis of 2020, the growth is as much as 9,15 percent, which is really impressive. Holiday homes accounted for a total of 9.555 overnight stays, accounting for 10,35 percent of all overnight stays in the county, with 63 percent being foreign tourists. When this call is followed by large investments in Varaždinske toplice, which can become continental Opatija, and there is also the revitalization of Lake Trakošćan by extracting sludge, I am really optimistic about the future of tourism in our area and expect good results. - said Bedeković.

Head of the Administrative Department for Economy and European Affairs of Varaždin County Mladen Jakopović said that for the first time applicants will be able to do all the preparations for the public call online and that in addition to supporting renters, the emphasis is on expanding the presentation offer on farms and developing additional tourist attractions. "We want to be a year-round tourist destination for which we need to build content and therefore invest in expanding the tourist offer. We have secured one million kuna, and the costs for construction works up to 30%, investments in cycling tourism offer, arranging and equipping the interior of the facility, equipment for presentation purposes, swimming pools, saunas, whirlpools, promotion, restoration and renovation of indigenous facilities, construction of ecological children's playgrounds, investments in renewable energy sources, horticultural landscaping, arrangement of bathrooms and sanitary blocks and landscaping and equipment of pedestrian and educational trails. The county co-finances up to a maximum of 50% of the total eligible costs. The minimum co-financing is HRK 10.000, while the maximum amount is up to HRK 40.000 ”

Director of the Tourist Board Miran Bojanic Morandini reminded that a few years ago the rural part of the county did not have accommodation capacity, while today private accommodation is becoming the flagship of county tourism and said that in the past three years 68 families joined the story of tourism success in Varazdin County.

"At the last public call, 47% of all registered projects are women entrepreneurs, and the oldest buildings that were renovated with funds from the end of the 18th century are in the center of Varaždinske Toplice and on Vinica hill. Four years ago there were two swimming pools, and today there are 30. Until three years ago, out of 22 municipalities in the county, as many as eight (36%) did not have a single registered accommodation facility, and now there is only one such”Explained Bojanić Morandini and said that he was especially pleased with the fact that the renters paid great attention to energy efficiency, waste disposal and selection, composting and selection of natural materials.

Applications are due Feb. 27. 2021. More details attached.

Side dish: Public call for the award of grants from Varaždin County in tourism for 2021

The County Tourist Board helps travel agencies and performing arts through a public call

More than commendable, the Tourist Board of Varaždin County has announced a public call for grants in the area performing arts and travel agencies for 2021.

This is a unique public call in Croatia, which emerged as one of the concrete measures to amortize the damage caused to the economy in order to preserve jobs, given that measures to stop the epidemic have had a strong impact on falling revenues, especially in travel agencies and performing arts. now they do not work at all or work with significantly reduced capacity.

Grants are approved as small value grants, and the beneficiaries of grants can be business entities (companies / crafts) based in Varaždin County, which are mainly engaged in performing arts or travel agencies / tour operators and this is their main activity. All packages must contain an eno-gastronomic offer and a minimum of one night, and priority will be given to innovative programs that include more micro-destinations and arrangements that have not been on the market so far. The aim of the Public Call is to provide support in the design and implementation of projects that are in the function of tourism development of Varaždin County and the preservation of jobs of business entities engaged in these activities.

The President of the Tourist Board of Varaždin County, Željko Bedeković, said that this crisis is changing the business and we are increasingly turning to domestic resources.

"With this public invitation, we hope that Varaždin travel organizers will offer new, creative and innovative proposals for staying in our county, which in recent years has awakened from a tourist dream of decades. Foreign and domestic tourists discover cultural and natural attractions, and thanks to the activities that the county and the Tourist Board have been continuously carrying out in recent years, many residents of the county have become private entrepreneurs and found an additional source of income in tourism. The best examples are Holiday houses with a story, Tastes of the Varaždin region, presentation centers on farms and the latest project: Agrotourism with a story that we are just starting ” - said Bedeković.

The maximum amount of support is HRK 15.000. The link where the Public Call is open, which is open until February 28 this year, is:

Cover photo: Siniša Savić, Agency North

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