Valorisation of tourist potentials: The oldest European settlement gets two new educational trails

Two new contracts on financing the Trbušanci Educational Trail and Sopot Educational Trail projects were signed in Vinkovci, a town that bases its tourist story on 8000 years of continuous life, rich Roman history, the oldest European calendar ...

Two new contracts for financing the Education Trail project Belly people and Educational Path Sopot they were signed in Vinkovci, a city that bases its tourist story on 8000 years of continuous life, rich Roman history, the oldest European calendar, Orion, and evidence that Vinkovci is the cradle of European civilization. An important segment of tourism in this picturesque town in eastern Croatia is certainly the most important Croatian traditional event of the Vinkovci Autumn. These new projects, which strengthen the tourist infrastructure of Vinkovci, were submitted by the City Agency for Development and Investments VIA to the tender for the implementation of Submeasure 8.5. “Support for investments in improving the resilience and environmental value of forest ecosystems” - implementation of the type of operation 8.5.2 “Establishment and arrangement of educational trails, lookouts and other smaller infrastructure”.

"The Trbušanci Educational Trail project has a total value of HRK 742.204,50, and the Sopot Educational Trail project HRK 739.267,10, and they are 100% financed.", explained the director of the Agency for Development and Investments of the City of Vinkovci Danijela Slipčević adding that the aim of the project is to raise awareness of the importance of forests and preserve their biodiversity and to promote a healthy lifestyle and active leisure in nature.

By investing in the construction, arrangement and equipping of educational forest trails, we want to point out the importance of nature conservation and environmental protection, as well as getting to know the forest habitats, animal and plant species in this area. Through the project, educational trails will be arranged at the locations Trbušanci and Sopot intended for walking and recreational cycling, pergolas and lookouts will be built, devices for recreation of adults and children, wooden swings, tables and benches will be set up. Educational boards describing the plant and animal species of this area will be set up along the entire length of the trail. Last year, Vinkovci built a new educational trail with benches, recreational exercise equipment and an open-air information and education point in the Kanovci Forest Park.

"The implementation of these projects will improve the accessibility of recreational, tourist and health functions of forests for public purposes, will contribute to increasing the number of visitors, and will raise awareness of the wider local community about the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.", said the first man of the town on Bosut, Ivan Bosančić, who seriously set about revitalizing tourist potentials with the aim of raising the tourist offer and attracting more tourists to this extremely distinctive town in the East.

Let us remind you, Vinkovci is a city of artists, musicians, a city of urban and traditional culture. Vinkovci has Vinkovci Autumns, but also an interesting event that grows from year to year Roman days, and even a completely independent scene and a great Rockabilly festival. Vinkovci is a city of popular Majki, Colonia, Shortija, Septica and even the most popular Croatian comic book author Dubravko Mataković. But this is also the city of Kozarac, Reljković and Runjanin. A city that has great tourist potential thanks to its rich history and a city called the Archaeological Eldorado.

“Vinkovci is an archeological eldorado. All the excavations that are being conducted are extremely important in a broader, European context, and the whole process is not even close to the end. ", he also told Jutarnji list the most famous Croatian archaeologist Aleksandar Durman adding that there is no settlement in Europe with such long and continuous traces of life.

"I have been claiming for years that the city of Vinkovci has the potential to attract over a million tourists a year. I am absolutely sure that "every" European tourist wants to see and experience Vinkovci, the oldest city in Europe with a continuity of life of over 8.300 years, as well as see Orion, the oldest calendar in Europe, which is much more advanced in civilization, but also older than 300 years from the Stonehenge site. And that’s just the beginning of a story about significance Vučedol cultures. Egypt has its pyramids, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, England has Stonehenge… why couldn't the people of Vinkovci have their monumental Orion? ”, pointed out the founder of the portal Goran Rihelj who replaced the Zagreb asphalt 13 years ago with Vinkovci and is a great promoter of the story of Vinkovci.

Houses depicting the way of life 7000 years ago are being restored

The city has seriously started to raise the tourist infrastructure and the renovation of Sopot houses, which are located in the Sopot location and are aimed at showing life in these areas 7000 years ago, is underway. Visitors will get to know the life of the Stone Age without Facebook and Google. These works, worth 200.000 kuna, have been entrusted to the Association "Guardians of Old Crafts" from Baranja's Karanac, which will, in cooperation with the Vinkovci City Museum, reconstruct the existing devastated buildings.

Right near this locality is a completely newly renovated popular Šokac apartment which is becoming a Gourmet center. This facility is extremely attractive, as are its locations, and with this move, Vinkovci actually gets a kind of walk through time where visitors can witness this incredible continuity of population that no other city in Europe has.

It seems that Vinkovci, thanks to a young staff of experts who are among the best in the preparation and implementation of EU projects in Croatia, are finally beginning to use their tourism potential and build a story that could become one of the best tourist stories in this area.

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