365 days 1625 stories in 15 languages ​​- the Tourist Stories portal is read by over half a million readers

On this day 365 days ago and 1625 stories and a lot of working hours, the Tourist Stories portal was launched. It is an opportunity that as the editor-in-chief and co-owner ...

On this day 365 days ago and 1625 stories and a lot of working hours, the Tourist Stories portal was launched. It is an opportunity for me, as the editor-in-chief and co-owner of the portal, to look back briefly through the blog on the occasion of, for us, great anniversaries, the first year of the tourist lifestyle portal Tourist Stories.

5 and a half years ago our founder Goran Rihelj launched the first professional B2B tourism portal HrTurizam.hr and right at the start there was an idea and a domain was reserved for Tourist stories tourist lifestyle portal B2C format. However, the portal HrTurizam.hr, which produces fresh news daily, was a full-time job, and given the great interest and in fact very quickly huge readership by the tourism sector of the whole region, Tourist Stories simply had to wait because we had to strengthen the team to be ready for two quality portals that produce news on a daily basis. That opportunity came on April 26, 2020, in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic when few would embark on a new project. I left the security of running a city company and used the pandemic to rearrange priorities in life and our portal saw the light of day on Sunday after lunch by clicking the “PUBLISH” button. Visually, the appearance was arranged by fellow journalist Mario Brčić. the logo was designed by colleague Ivan Gale from the company Double Wii design and we were out. We quickly reached the audience because of our older brother HrTurizam who immediately launched us into the Tourist Circles, and then there was a struggle for readers outside the tourism sector for whom the Tourist Stories are intended.

Korona brought another news to our portal. From viber communities initiated by Paul Bradbury blogger and portal founder Total Croatia News and Krešimir Macan, owner of the most famous Croatian PR agency Manjgura and my great role model and PR guru, a special part of the portal was launched Last minute Croatia. With this move, we got a whole new circle of readers, private renters who fought with us to save the season and for each guest. Without false modesty, I can say that through the viber community and our portal last season, we accommodated and took many guests of this region to the sea, and made it easier for renters to have the most challenging tourist season since tourism existed.

Ahead of us is a new season that will certainly be as challenging as the last, although certainly much better. Viber community and last minute are moving day by day, and we have decided on the third key step in the development of our Tourist Stories, expanding readers to our most important emitting markets Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Great Britain, Russia, Spain, France and even the Far East, ie the Chinese and Japanese markets. On the eve of the anniversary, the portal was translated into 15 more languages ​​and readership grew by 300% in two weeks without serious marketing steps in new markets. We have already got the first bloggers who target these markets and write in foreign languages.

When I look back a year today, I can say that we are satisfied with what we have done and we are facing new challenges of swimming in a lot of new markets and telling the stories of Lijepa naša to an even wider audience.

We go further together with you, our readers and all of you, our partners and friends with whom we strive to introduce the audience to the best stories of the whole of Our Lady. We are the only portal that deals with tourist content, and whose topics and texts come from all over Croatia. Also, we are the only tourist portal that brings new tourist stories (6 days a week) from all over Croatia every day. In addition to our flagship tourism, our Adriatic, we place emphasis on the promotion of continental tourism and hitherto untold stories of our continental counties from Slavonia, Međimurje, Zagorje, Lika, Gorski Kotar and Central Croatia. A year ago we visited almost all counties, filmed, told stories and discovered the beauties of our destinations. Ahead of us is a new season and a new tour that you can sign up for along the way maila.

Thank you for reading and following us. Any of your story, news and comment are welcome to contact us at price@turistickeprice.hr and let us tell your story as well.

For the end, I will especially thank Marija and my husband Goran who introduced me to the tourist world and all our bloggers with the wish that they have a good season and a lot of new Tourist stories. Thank you Blanka Kufner, Mario Jukić, Jelena Holenko, Rujana Lukač, Željka Balja, Eda Mužica, Marinko Brkić, Miriam Kelečić, Vesna Milanović, Suzana Suman, Astrid Glavičić, Dubravka Topic, Sandra Vukoja, Ivana Karanikić, Vedrana Juričić, Josip Ćorić i Marijana Vujnović. Thank you to the interns who went through the portal, and especially Tamari Horvat who has the longest internship with us. We continue to grow organically together, we do not fight for clicks with cheap titles, we do not strive for sensationalism and raging and counting clicks. We respect every reader and create only good positive stories. We strive for good content and quality. It is harder, but the only right path and we continue to insist on it.

Author: Mirjam Jukić, editor-in-chief of the tourist portal Tourist stories

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