Plava Laguna opened Park Resort in Poreč

One of the largest tourist companies in Croatia, Plava laguna, with the beginning of the season in 2018, completes the largest investments in its facilities so far, in the total amount of almost 487 million ...

One of the largest tourist companies in Croatia, Plava laguna, with the beginning of the season in 2018, completes the largest investments in its facilities so far, in the total amount of almost HRK 487 million.

According to the plan, the largest investment of Plava Laguna in Poreč for this year, Park Resort received the first guests on Saturday, July 14. This is one of the largest investments of Plava Laguna in recent history, where the old Laguna Park was almost completely demolished and a new Park was built. Resort. These are hotels, apartments and villas, worth more than 35 million euros, intended for families with children. "This is the largest investment of the Blue Lagoon in recent history, worth 35 million euros. It is about raising the quality of existing facilities, but with the complete reconstruction of hotels, villas and apartments, with an increase in tourist facilities, in accordance with market requirements., point out from the Blue Lagoon.

Hotel Park Plava Laguna consists of 154 rooms or suites, 91 garden suites, 43 suites and 21 villas, which makes a total of 309 accommodation units, which can accommodate about a thousand guests.

"The investment also includes the construction of a central pool complex, which made Park Resort a true tourist oasis surrounded by pools and water attractions. For the youngest there are also water attractions, children's pools, water slides, as well as a special pool for babies, but also a relax pool for adults. Guests of the villa are intended for a special pool of 230 m2 with areas for sunbathing and relaxation and a massage area. The total area of ​​the pool is almost 1500 square meters, and next to the central pool there is a restaurant á la Park and a Lounge bar, as well as two animation clubs for children. ” stand out from the Blue Lagoon and add that in addition to the hotel, guests can be accommodated in one of 91 garden suites of 32 m2 with a terrace or balcony of 15 m2, in one of 43 apartments of 41 m2 with a terrace of 15 m2 or in one of 21 villas Park of 73 m2, which have terraces of 35 m2. 

Blue Lagoon investment cycle of HRK 487 million

In addition to the Park Resort, the investment cycle also included the construction of Garden Suites & Rooms Sol Umag and a thorough reconstruction, along with the construction of new, additional facilities in the Stella Maris Umag camp. Also, part of the investment relates to the reconstruction and arrangement of accommodation facilities for workers. 150 new double rooms are being built for them and about 60 mobile homes are being purchased: 90 rooms in Universal and 60 rooms in Kator in Umag, as well as 50 mobile homes in Stella Maris and 10 in Bijela uvala.

Thus, in Umag, not far from the Sol Umag hotel, old bungalows were demolished and 11 new buildings with 54 accommodation units under the common name Garden Suites & Rooms Sol Umag sprang up in their place.

Renovation of the Stella Maris camp includes new accommodation capacities, but also new facilities, such as 150 mobile homes and a large pool complex, and the pool area will cover a total of 829 square meters. In 630 accommodation units, guests will have at their disposal superior plots and mobile homes. Camp Stella Maris will also receive a new reception with a catering facility, and guests will have at their disposal a grill zone, a sports and recreational zone with a beach volleyball court and mini golf.

The Blue Lagoon welcomed the new one in 2018 brand strategy and visual identity which announced a turnaround in business, after the final merger of the company Istraturist Umag dd, which is owned by Plava Laguna since December 2014.

In accordance with the new umbrella brand, a completely new web tourist portal was recently published, which combines the offer of three destinations: Poreč, Umag and Rijeka with numerous surprises for visitors.

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