Caterers are demanding lower VAT, availability of funding and the abolition of parafiscal levies

The leadership of the National Association of Caterers (NUU) held a meeting on Thursday (July 02nd) with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zdravko Marić, during which on behalf of ...

The leadership of the National Association of Caterers (NUU) held a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Zdravko Maric on Thursday (July 02nd), during which they submitted a list of measures they deem necessary to preserve their industry in the crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic and resumption of normal operations upon completion of the same.

The National Association of Caterers assessed this long-awaited meeting as positive, expressing mutual desire for a quick solution to burning problems. The NUU leadership states that there is a national consensus on the need to introduce a preferential VAT rate in the hospitality industry in order to maintain competitiveness in the long run, encourage investment and preserve jobs.

As key problems that need to be urgently addressed, the representatives of the caterers stated the unavailability of favorable funds for liquidity in the financial market te too high a VAT rate on beverages and beverages, which is 25%.

Among other measures, NUU representatives requested that the deficit or surplus in the treasury be classified as minor tax offenses, the abolition of consumption taxes at the national level, vouchering for workers according to the model that exists in agriculture, the abolition of various parafiscal levies and for economic operators.

The participants in the meeting agreed that a broader agreement is needed on the direction in which catering will develop, as it is an activity that connects domestic producers of quality food products with consumers, but also an industry that has made great strides in business transparency.

The caterers pointed out the example of the project "Five cows”, Which they initiated and presented to the public last year. As part of this project, catering facilities are classified depending on the share of quality domestic products in the offer, which turns caterers into holders of domestic quality placements, and in this project they hope for support, joint development and implementation with the future government.

Also, the leadership of the National Association of Caterers expressed its support for combating the gray economy and enabling equal market competition by the state. The meeting ended with an agreement for further meetings with key persons from the Ministry of Finance with whom they will discuss the resolution of individual requests of the National Association of Caterers.


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