How to sell a story and encourage train travel? The French national railroad knows the right formula

Under the slogan "Europe is just next door", the French National Railways (SNCF) launched a great campaign a few years ago, which is a great example of how to jump out of the crowd and ...

Under the slogan “Europe is just next door”, the French National Railways (SNCF) launched a great campaign a few years ago, which is a great example of how to stand out from the crowd and get the attention of users.

Today we live in a time of an absurdity, in which it has never been easier to send your message, thanks to social media and the internet, but it has also never been harder to reach, as well as retain, readers ’attention and generate sales. 

The noise in communication is simply too much.

In order to get the attention of consumers and tell a story, campaigns must be different, innovative, creative and most importantly they must tell a story. The main ingredient must be emotions, experience and an interesting narrative, and it is storytelling that plays the main role, in which the mantra is - sell me a story, not a product.

The SNCF campaign connected people with key European destinations by allowing people to physically open the door to another city. Literally, at least through a digital channel and guerrilla marketing (guerrilla marketing - a marketing promotion that uses non-traditional methods to achieve traditional goals to attract attention).

The campaign delighted people, attracted attention, created an interesting interaction, which hit to the core. It has created a direct link not only between the consumer and the location, but also with SNCF - setting it up as a company that could turn it into reality.

Of course, this kind of video, ie the way of promotion, immediately created virality, so the campaign spread for free on the Internet and generated a huge reach.

Sell ​​me a story, not a product. Great campaign.

Also, the aforementioned campaign is just a continuation of the great promotional stories they tell at SNCF. Thus, two years ago, through an interesting promotion, they "created" an opportunity for the inhabitants of Leone to "put their heads" in Brussels (Brussels) while promoting the direct railway line Leone - Brussels.

Sell ​​me the story again, not the product.

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